Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A taste of Christmas

Here is a little bit of Christmas with pictures (I took 400) We went to 4 parties, 2 houses Christmas eve, 2 houses Christmas day, saw the Temple lights and had a great time! We had the Nativity (and yes Grandpa was a Sheep too)
We found out Robbie didn't like the dark so this his him watching Toy story. He fell asleep in 5 mins.

Christmas day Football

My dad came over for Christmas breakfast. This is him with Aliana (my brother's girl) and Robbie

We finally got a picture of Mike smiling (I'm his favorite that is why he smiled for me:) )

Grandma and Grandpa Gibson with all 11 grandbabies

This is my mom with Kenzie and Robbie

The Three Kings (Jordy, David, and Dustin)

My boys and me at the Temple

Zoe and Kenzie. Kenzie was so happy to have a girl to play with

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Love bugs :)

We took pictures of Robbie and his future wife Malia Mack. It started out okay Robbie playing footies with her.
They both loved it and each other

Then it got alittle weird when she started looking at him like a piece of meat.

Then she wanted to kiss him or...

eat him. Yes she was trying to eat him! And he let her, these two were made for each other!! He lets her do whatever she wants and she takes advantage of him. Love isn't it GREAT!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A blessing

We had baby Robbie's blessing on Sunday and it was prefect. Will gave him a beautiful blessing and the rest of sacrament was so good. Brother Beam gave a great talk on Jesus, I wish I could have a recording of it to listen to again. There was so much info and it was GREAT!! We had a little dinner after. It was a good day. Here he is all ready to go
All the kids

Mama and her babies

Daddy and his babies

My mom on the left and Will's on the right with the baby. I love that hat but he kind of doesn't like it but he had to wear it cause it was cold (and his mama said so:) )

Monday, December 8, 2008

OH brother

Robbie loves his brother and sister and smiles and laughs at them. It is so cute! Check it out Jordan telling Robbie a joke.
Laughing at the kids

I love that fat face!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Check up

Robbie had his two month check up today and he is doing GREAT! He weighs 11 pounds (I thought he was maybe 9 so that was a SHOCK) and is 23 inches. Then they gave him 3 shots and one oral med. He puked up the oral stuff and hated those shots. His poor little leg was bleeding a lot. It was sad. This is what he look like after the Dr visit.