Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feeling sorry for myself

I have been missing from my blog cause I really have not been in a bloggie (is that a word) mood. I have mostly been sitting feeling sorry for myself because of this darn seizure thing. I mean I feel forgotten in a weired kind of way. And I HATE having to take pills every day. It is making me real mad. Last time I lost 10 pounds in a month this time I have only lost 3 and been a whole lot sicker so that stinks! Maybe I should start working out at least that is what I tell myself every day but I feel sick so I don't. I know it could be worse cause I read all about her but I am stuck here and hate it and hate to ask for help even if people offer it. I know weird but that is me. So I sit and cry and count the days till I can drive. I did drive last night when Will went to the store and got out and said he was running in and to drive around and just got out and so I had to. It was fun. Jordan was worried but I loved it. I felt normal.
It's hard to feel normal on these pills they make me feel crazy but soon crazy becomes normal and that is just weird. But I do have a wonderful husband who lets me cry to him and vent every night. He works hard and takes time to spend time with us when he can. He took me to the temple last weekend. He had to be with the youth but it was still fun to ride up and spend time in the car together.
Sorry for the pitty party this is why I haven't posted in a while but look for a post coming soon on how we got Jordan's 2nd tooth out! You don't want to miss it:)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

bed time

This is how the kids get to bed every night. On the Daddy train:)