Monday, August 22, 2011

Whippy Cake!!

Do you see this! It's what saves me from a bad hair day! When I have a bad hair day I put this in and then all bad is gone. In face lots of women comment on my Whippy Cake

and wonder how they too can have such cuteness! WELL you can go here and enter to win $100 worth of wippy cake. (only I hope you don't win cause I NEED it! Will won't let me buy any more and well with 4 kids under 7 I have LOTS of bad hair days!)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st hair cut

On Aug 15 2011 Henry got his 1st hair cut. I really don't think he needed it...Okay he NEEDED it but I wasn't ready for him to have one. It seems like such a grown up thing getting your hair cut and I wasn't ready to have my baby grow up! And let's be honest I liked his wild crazy fluffy hair! I loved that I could tell what kind of a night he had by how it looked in the morning. I loved the way he would pull it when he was mad. I loved to make funny hair styles in the bath. I loved having a kid with hair! But it's hot and it needed to get done. So we did it and it just got trimed. Here he is before...Hair in his face and it's wild and crazy just how I liked it!

See that sad face.....even he wasn't happy about it getting cut!

Look how long it was. If he was a girl I could have some cute ponies on him! I love the look on his face

He looks so different. And his hair is lighter too

My big baby! It does look cute.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st day of school

Jordan started 1st grade yesterday and Kenzie kinder. Jordan was up and dressed by 6:45am:) Kenzie was very sassy which means she wasn't sure about the day. Mom was a huge mess and cried a lot! I like my kids and like having them home! (I like them so much in fact we are still not sure if for our 10 year next year we are going alone or taking them. That's a different story)

Kenzie's teacher said there was just a little bit of sass from here and she found a friend to be sassy with (GREAT, we'll just have to work on that......) Henry slept from 9 till 1 and Bob from 1 till we picked them up so it was a fun easy and hard sad day! All ready to go
Here she is!

Me and my kids!

Walking to school

Bye bye my sweet baby're off to do great things! Everyone deserves a chance to fly! Now here is yours, just don't forget I love you and will always be here when you need me!


Monday, August 15, 2011

11 months (just a little late)

Bob and Henry have both been super sick so I am a little late posting this and didn't take his 11 month picture on the 3rd (I took it on the 15th dang it! I did so good but like I said super sick kids...) So here he is fully hair and all! This is also the day we told him we were cutting his hair and this is how he felt about that...
"NOT my hair!! I love my fluffy hair. I like to run my hands in it. I like to put food in it. It adds 3 pounds to me."

Anyways here are his stats for 11 months

He is 17 pounds

Has 2 teeth (finally!)

Still waves all the time


Takes 2 naps

Sleeps all night!

has the best smile

Thinks Bob is funny

Loves Kenzie

Thinks Jordan is also funny

Cuddles his mommy!

He is a fun baby! and super calm (thank goodness!) I love being his mommy!!