Monday, February 28, 2011

I'll take them!

I went to target to get some things we needed and thought I would look at the shoes for fun. I found these cute one for only $1.87!! Are you kiddding me I HAD to have them for that price!! So I got my size and found some to fit Kenzie in a year or so and can't wait to wear them! They are little girl shoes but they are fun and I like them and I will wear them!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's so FLUFFY!!!

Kenzie has been wanting a fluffy skirt and I found a pattern for this one and I made it for her. It called for 60 yards. That's right 60 YARDS of ruffle. So I bought a ruffler foot to help (BEST thing EVER!!) Anyways back to the ruffle that 60 yards got to be a little much once I started making the skirt so I scaled it down to 30 yards. So the dress it 1/2 the fluff it should be but it's so cute!!! In fact.. It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!:) She put this outfit together herself and posed this way herself. She is SASSY!!!!
And we love it, most days.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GibStettler weekend

I am pretty sure our favorite thing to do on weekends is going up to see Jared and Morgan. The kids always have a BLAST and Bob gets to see his "Buddy" Easton. I think Bob thinks his name is Buddy cause that is what he calls him and if he sees a picture of him he says "oh Buddy, let's play!" Too cute. So Will had to be at the Temple on Sat, so I thought it would be fun to tag along but stay at Jared and Morgan's while he went. And I was RIGHT!!
1st up Bob and I tagged along for a little gym time! Bob loved jumping off this thing
The boys loved rolling in the tube

I see you Easton Buddy:)

Next the park for some lunch and running. Morgan packed the kids lunch and meet up a little later with the babies. (Henry and Wyatt who is 10 weeks younger than Henry. That is going to be fun!! Easton and Bob are 6 days apart)

Easton needs his "eyes" or sunglasses


After Will got home we loaded up and headed to the Train park. The boys fell asleep. SOOO CUTE!!

Will and I are that good, we put his shoes on the wrong feet. AND YES that is duct tape! We are AWESOME!!

We rode a carousel

And a train! Choo- choo. I love how this is really meant for little kids and Jared and Will could care less. They were going with the boys. (Morgan and I rode it too and during that ride came up with some fun ideas for our lives)

And the day wouldn't be complete without some ice cream shared between two buddies! At 1st Bob only gave him a pinch then he gave HUGE spoonfuls.
We had a wonderful relaxing weekend and can't wait to have more!! Thanks guys!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011


My dad and I went to the Titanic museum today and it was AMAZING! We were there for 2 hours and could have been there longer but they were closing. There was so much stuff from the ship and tons of stories too. It was the History Channel LIVE!! So FUN!! I LOVE every second of it. There was even perfume bottles that they found that still had the smell in them, AMAZING.(it didn't smell good but still cool. Perfume was just coming out so that could be why it didn't smell so great or the fact that it was at the bottom of the ocean as is 100 years old?)
There was also a HUGE block of ice that was the Temp of the water (well not as cold) and my dad and I couldn't even keep our hand on for 10 seconds. I can't imagine my whole body in the water. There was just SO much I can't think right now.
We were given a boarding pass as we got there and on it it had a name of a person on the ship. At the end you got to see if that person lived or died. My dad's guy lived and my little girl (age 7) and her mother lived but her father died. I totally got tearing eyed thinking about it. I think it was because my dad was standing next to me and it would be too hard to have to say goodbye at such a young age (Yes dad I LOVE YOU!!)
So we couldn't take pictures inside so here are two outside. Me and the captain
The ship.

We then went to dinner and had a fun time talking and laughing. I sure do miss when I only had one baby and I would go to lunch with my dad all the time. Maybe we should start again even if I have to bring 3 kids now (what do you say dad:) ) I am glad I made him move to Tucson to be closer to me and the grandkids cause they sure do love him and I get to spend time with him!
Thanks for the fun night dad! We have to do it more often.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adventure is out there...

When we pick up Jordan from school the baby gets mad that the sun is in his face, so I solved the problem. A HAT!!!! Kenzie says he is going on an adventure. Look at his cute face he LOVED it! SMILE! (Bob looks HUGE here)
Love this face!

So happy!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Grounded at 5 months!

If you put this little ball of sweetness on the floor he will roll over and start to play. He will also start to roll all over the place and in no time at all end up very far from where you put him. He just turned 5 months (yesterday) and I am NOT I repeat NOT ready for 4 mobile kids. Therefore the baby is grounded from tummy time, unless I am laying right next time him kisses his sweet face. Then he can have as much as he (or shall I say I want)

Still can't believe I have 4 kids. 4 KIDS. The even weirder thing was at Christmas when I was counting the kids to make sure we had everyone 4 didn't seem like enough and someone was missing. JUST.NOT.YET I am not ready yet. One day when I am not grounding my 5 year old for eating 3/4 the pan of brownies, my 2 year old for hitting me and my 5 month old for rolling all over the place all within minutes of each other.

Today was LONG very L O N G!!!!! All four kids were home all day Jordan didn't go to school because he got punched in the face by this naughty kid who hit someone daily for no reason. So I didn't want to send him today. I wanted to love on him instead. (plus a TON of other schools were closed due to weather, Weird! That never happens here!) Kenzie was acting up all day (must be the weather) and Bob didn't sleep last night so he was tired and he had tummy problems so he was on the cranky side.

On the up side I am going to sleep in and scrapbook and sew tomorrow. (Will just doesn't know yet:) )

I love my kids even if they make me run away for a few hours now and again. (I even miss them while I am running away)