Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My dad said I need a new post

101 Things to do in 1001 Days
Lauren had this on her blog and I wanted to be just like her:)

1. Finish 2008 scrapbook
2. Organize wedding pictures and make a scrapbook
3. Get up to date on 2009 scrapbook
4.Work on kids scrapbooks
5. Make a quilt for Jordan
6. Make a quilt for Kenzie
7.Make quilt for Robbie
8. Plant a garden
9. Make a cookbook of all the recipes I make regularly
10. Learn how to can fresh fruit and beans Done-5-22-09
11. Go over an emergency plan with my family
12. Copy all relevant documents and add to 72 hour kit
13. Finish accumulating year supply
14. Make baby food Done 4-2-29
15.Clean kitchen every night before bed
16. Clean out all parts to vaccume cleaner Done 6-8-10
17. Can 50 jars of jam
18. Can 100 jars of fruit, meat, etc.
19. Organize emergency preparedness room
20. Learn how to make decent sandwich bread from scratch
21. Work out at least 4 days a week
22. Go to Disneyland with kids Done June 2-4 2010
23. Learn how to can meat
24. Keep desk organized
25. Sew a dress for Kenzie
26. Sew a dress for myself
27. Get out of debt DONE
28. Learn to love me the way I am
29. Learn how to make pie crust
30. Read Twilight again!
31. Learn 5 new Crockpot recipes
32. Make dinner at least 5 times a week for a month (hopefully keep it up)
33. Sew pajama pants
34. Make cute hair things for Kenzie and to sell
35. Learn to make authentic pizza dough Done 4-9-09
36. Learn to make mom’s marinara sauce
37. Make bracelets for Kenzie
38. Go to the Family History Center at least twice
39. Collect natural remedies for emergency preparedness
40. Make Will a scrapbook of Wrestling
41. Figure out how much a year’s supply of toilet paper is and buy it
42. Learn how to start a fire
43.Learn how to lead music
44.Read through the New Testament
45. Learn to make some of Lucy’s recipes Done 4-9-09
46.Write my own family history, conversion story, meeting Will etc.
47. Make Recipe book w/Lucy’s recipes
48.Learn BOM Scripture Masteries
49.Learn NT Scripture Masteries
50.Write in journal on a weekly basis
51.Keep baby books updated
52. Learn to make Dad’s salsa
53. Finish Gavin’s scrapbook
54. Go through kids clothes and put away all that don’t fit. Done
55. Have FHE every Monday Done
56. Teach Jordan how to spell
57.Try a new food DONE tried stuffed mushrooms and loved them
58. Teach Kenzie to write her name
59.Go to Enrichment DONE
60.Plant a flower garden
61. Teach Jordan to read
62. Learn to make homemade play dough
63. Let the kids paint at least once a month
64. Go to the temple 6 times this year 2009 (7/6) DONE
65. Do more family history
66.Go one week without TV Done (going to do it again)
67. Start up my once a week letter to Will again
68. Write letters to kids once a month
69.Teach kids The Pledge of Allegiance Done 4-17-09
70. Get pictures of Tata from Nana
71. Learn to make cute flowers on painted toes
72. Loose 34 pounds
73. Make kids Easter baskets Done 4-11-09
74. Learn to make Lemon pie from Peggy
75. Go to GG’s at least 4 times (6 of 4) done
76. Learn how to take better pictures
77. Learn how to do more on Photoshop
78. Learn how to use Fondant
79. Find and good butter cream frosting recipe
80. Find a better pumpkin pie recipe and make it
81.Visit a new temple done Gila valley 5-14-10 and Newport beach 6-1-10
82. Send pictures of kids to Grandma Betty (She passed away before I got to this)
83.Have a picnic
84.See a play or musical Done 7-17-09 (saw Wicked)
85.Go to a drive- in movie
86. Get Kenzie a new pair of earings
87. Go on a date once a month with Will -done
88.Interview my parents for family history project
89.Take up the lost art of letter writing
90. Learn to be more optimistic
91. Find a good way to store our shoes Done 4-9-09
92. Get rid of toys kids don’t use or that are broken done
93. Go out with Friends once a month
94.Make a Family Tree
95.Scrapbook each task so I have something to look back on
96. Create a new list, to begin one week after this one finishes
97. blog at least once a week
98. Have family pictures taken
101.Celebrate the journey with a nice dinner out, no matter the final results


Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna) said...

Love the list Reina! I can help with #31, #78 and #79. If and when you figure out #41, PLEASE let me know :)

Reina said...

I will take you up on it Miss Heather. But I quess I have to wait till the baby come:)

Adam and Samantha said...

Figuring out a years supply of TP for Will alone is something I don't think anyone could figure out_AM

thereadingmother0708 said...

Looks like you're making lots of progress! Isn't it a great idea?

Hailey'sMama said...

wow reina! this is awesome! mind if i steal the idea?