Friday, February 19, 2010

Big Changes

Well I have been a HUGE ball of emotions since Christmas and have blamed it all on this darn seizure. It has been super hard not driving, having three little ones at home, being pregnant, kids getting sick and not at the same time, having a husband who works what seems like all the time! Did you catch all of that...Did you know all of that all ready :) Okay okay Yes we are expecting baby #4 in Sept. Bob is going to be a big brother. I am not sure how it is going work but it will have to work. Jordan starts Kinder about a month before and the school is super close.

So the reason for my crazy mood swings and for the seizure is I AM PREGNANT!!!!! I am the 1 in 3 lucky women who gets seizures while pregnant I had no problems with my 1st and they started at the end of my 2nd and had my grand mal when my 2nd was 11 months was on meds for my 3rd and this baby was a total SURPRISE. And I knew I was pregnant right when I looked at the fireman and realized I had had another seizure. In my head I yelled so loud and wanted to crawl in a hole and just stay there. 1. I have no idea what I said or did and it's a little embarrassing and 2. not sure how I am going to handle 4 kids.

But for now I have 3 kids and I can do this and life will go on......

Thursday, February 4, 2010

16 months

This sweet little sleepy man is 16 months and went to the Doctor yesterday
He is 20 pounds 13ozs
He is 29 inches tall
So over all he is in the 3% for his age.
He has four teeth on the bottom and four on top and all his molars in
He is just starting to sleep all night. (Thank goodness)
He says Dada, Mama, Jordan, Dog, what's that, Bob, Sponge bob, Papa, Nana....
He is a runner and a jumper
He loves to give open mouth kisses to his Mommy all day long.
He is so much fun and we love all love this sweet little baby!!!