Friday, October 30, 2009

5 for Friday

Thing you need to know this week.1. Spiderman has been found!! He is at the Zoo. Not sure why he is there but he is and we were so excited to see him.
2. Having a fireplace will make your winter seem more wintery and Christmas more Christmasy:)

3. Painting pumpkins it the thing to do! Really was less of a mess.

4. When you see your best friend there is no crying. It is just sad all around. (This is Will's best friend Jared's little guy he is 6 days older than Rob and he was not happy at the Zoo. But the boys will get to spend 4 whole days together in 3 weeks and we are hoping for some fun time!)

5. Read your scriptures everyday! It makes it more fun if you read together. (We found the kids like this one night and it made our hearts melt.)

and last don't forget

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She is 4

Here are a few pictures of the party. I will post more later. I can't believe how fast 4 years goes by. I wish there was some way to stop time for just a little bit. I miss having to hold her all day and her needed just me. Now she wants Daddy just as much. I do get sweet hugs and kisses randomly so I hope that last a LONG while longer! She is just so fun. I love having a little princess who also seems to like to roll in the dirt. All the girls! Kenzie smile is too cute. She had a fun party.
Happy birthday Princess!!

My sassy girl and I. I loved this shirt for her party but it make her look so big. I miss my sweet baby girl. She doesn't like to be told what to do (who does) and she lets us know by saying."I can do whatever I can do"

Friday, October 23, 2009

5 for Friday

1. Can't wait for our pinkalicious day on Sat. Can't believe my girl is turning 4!

2. Started reading One Last song. Nicholas Sparks new book and I love it! No surpise there I love all his books

3.Still need to find something for the baby to wear on Halloween. I can't find teal tights so I think we need a new plan

4.I need a good sugar cookie recipe one where the cookies don't spread so much and actually look like the cutter. So if you have one send it my way

5.Need to start new rules in our house. Don't raise a hand to hit, a foot to kick or a voice to yell.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

When does it end....

It's so HOT outside still. What is going on why is the summer still here. I HATE the heat! I need it to be fall and nice outside. We went to the mountain on Monday and it was BEAUTIFUL! I want the weather to feel how this picture makes me feel.

Friday, October 16, 2009

5 things Friday

Going to start this today. 5 random things for Friday

1. My stomach hurts just thinking about what today brings. Daddy/ Daughter camp out plus J is going to a friends house. So I am all alone tonight (well with my cuddle bug baby) I am not sure what to do. Baby goes to bed between 7-8 so I am just I don't even know. anyways....

2. I need to start making the kids quilts I have all the fabric I just need motivation.

3. Monday is the day. I am getting this whole family on an eat right plan and working out. (Yes the kids love to workout so I am hoping to love it too)

4. Since Will has a hard time taking time off of work I am thinking about going out of town for Thanksgiving weekend. (He is not working then so why not? really what are your thoughts on that)

5. I need some creative (and cheap) Christmas ideas for our family. I really don't want to spend a lot of money and we all know how I feel about Christmas being about Christ not gifts anyways...

Okay there you have it 5 of the million and one things on my mind this Friday.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Change is good right?

We went to our new ward on Sunday and I cried the whole 3 hours. To start off we told Jordan that we were going to a new church and he got really sad. So we explained that it was the same church just different people he then cried and said "Church is not church without Grandma and Grandpa" Well I guess going to their ward for the past 3 years really he doesn't know anything else so I just hugged him and kind of felt the same but didn't say it.
The 1st hour the baby was crazy I really missed Grandma then because she would take him and he would sit nice for her. Then the 2nd hour came and he ran around like a mad man. The other two had no problem going to their new class (they are in the same class) I cried because they didn't need me...
Our Gospel teacher is my Bishop from when I 1st joined the church. I cried remembering how sweet he was and cried because it help me to know the church is true you go from one calling to the next with no problem nothing is too small.
RS was really hard I totally missed my YW! I cried because I miss seeing their testimonies grow.
But I am excited for new things and to start this new chapter in our lives. We have a bigger house for less money still have the same friends and will make new ones.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


These are not really in order but who care he is cute! He loved loved loved the cake and couldn't get enough of it. I knew he would get messy but he makes messy look cute. Enjoy the cute pictures and his cute little baby face:) Who wants more cake? ME ME ME
The cake

He wanted it and didn't want to wait for a silly song

He was so excited he clapped a lot!