Sunday, December 4, 2011

15 months

This month Henry has learned

-To walk!!! It was so fun to see at 1st cause he looked like he had just gotten off a horse

-he also dances. Every time music comes on he is dancing (even in his car seat)

-if he wants more food he waves at it

-weighs 18 pounds (the pjs in the picture above are 3-6months)

-loves pizza

-doesn't like eggnog or pickles

-he also didn't like Thanksgiving dinner (this I am sure will change!)

-Bob and him wrestle and he laughs

Henry is just so much fun. He laughs and plays all day long. He is the easiest baby ever, which is nice cause Bob (while not naughty) is like 9 kids. I love love love this kid!


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Stacey (my best friend) and I took a break and went to Chicago for a week (well almost a week). We had a fun time! I will have to post in stages to get it all in. So this is day one!!!She is super happy to be getting out of town!! We left super early and arrived at 11am. And we were HUNGRY! So Aunt Jan (that's Stacey's aunt but she has been mine since I 1st went up there 12 years ago!) took us to a super yummy burger place called Village something arather. Then we got to her house and dropped our stuff off and headed into town.

We went to a store kind of like trader joes only it was HUGE and cheap. We got dinner there. Then we went to Tom's Farm Market. We got some Pumpkin donuts that were to die for! OH my goodness. I LOVE pumpkin stuff.
They had these blue pumpkin that were more of an off whiteish color. But it was fun. This is Stacey showing the "blue pumpkin"

This is us being!

Stacey was helping her self to this pumpkin baby!

Our cute little happy family! (don't you love the tree)

Next up is our shopping and brat trip. That's right I ate a brat and Will was so mad he wasn't there to see it.......


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy birthday baby girl!

Today my sweet baby girl is 6! I can't believe how fast it has gone by! She is in Kinder and loving it. She has gotten sassier (is that a word and even possible?) But she is wonderful and we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her! On her 1st b-day! She ate so much cake that she threw up! The girl LOVES cake. In fact she loves sweets. She has a sweet tooth like her mama. (I need to make a call to her Mama cause she is also sassy, cranky, oppinated, bossy....JUST LIKE HER MAMA;) ) LOVE this one of her! She is also super girly JUST LIKE HER MAMA!

She is loves to be on stage (umm. just like her mama!) This was taken after her 1st play

And here she is with her mama!! :) I think she looks like me (her mama!)

Even if she is a little hard to handle at times she is super loving and so much fun to have around. She is very helpful with the little boys. And Bob loves playing with her. (they will play "mom and dad" or "puppy" all day or until Bob can't take her bossing him again!)

Kenzie brings so much spunk to our family and we Love every second of it!!

-Happy 6th birthday baby girl! We love you very much and can't wait to see all the fun things you have in store for us!-


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 years worth of stuff!

I have 1 day left in my 20's. I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday I was turning 19 or even 25 (I cried that day). So it's really hard to believe that I will be 30! 30?!?!!? just doesn't sound right. So I asked myself what the heck happened to the last 10 years? So here is what I have done in my 20's (I list them mostly so I feel better about leaving them)

I married the BEST man ever!

Had 4 babies

Helped and supported my husband with two businesses.

Found out I have a seizure disorder

Gained and lost a LOT of weight (I would put it all down but NO thanks!)

Gone on LOTS of trips and vacations

Moved 9 times. (I HATE moving)

Finally stopped bitting my nails (this is a new thing in the last few months. Hope it stays!)

I have lost and gained friends

Still have the same best friend from High school

Tried to grow my hair out many times only to get bored and cut it

Become an auntie to 11

Cleaned up more puke then I can count

Wiped away many tears

Stayed up all night with sick babies

Changed more diapers then I ever thought I would

Learned to sew

Learned to scrapbook better

gave birth without drugs (something I NEVER thought I would do)

went 6 years without a cell phone (I only have one now cause the kids are in school and they school may need to call me. I don't even know the number:) )

Learned to cook, kind of still working on it

Planned 18 birthday parties and many other parties. I LOVE parties

Learned to can and I actually like it

Potty trained 3 kids

Starting to enjoy working out

Learned to live for the small things

cuddled some sweet babies when they couldn't sleep or a sweet little girl who had a friend move away so she cried herself to sleep (I can see this happening a lot later on with BIGGER things)

Stayed overnight in the hospital

Joined the PTA (kind of weird)

Also I am on the site counsil

Thinking back on the last 10 year I say I have done a lot and can't believe I fit that much in. I am sure I am missing a lot. I guess I am kind of excited to see what the next 10 years have in store for me. I hope maybe a baby or two. Maybe even one more move (and not in Tucson!) maybe....We shall see together...So ready or not 30 here I come!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Bob is 3!

On Sept 28 Bob turned 3!! And he is super excited to be 3.

He weighs 29 pounds (25%)

and is in the 5% of height (not a shock)

The kid is on the go all day! If he sits still for just a minute or two he will fall asleep (I have pictures of him sleeping in all kinds of weird spots around the house)

He follows me around all day and LOVES to help with laundry and mopping

When the car didn't start he asked "why isn't the car loading?" It was super cute and we told him and car is not like a movie it doesn't load it starts

Favorite movies are Rio, Yogi bear, and anything Mickey Mouse

Favorite Charactor is Mickey Mouse

Favorite toys are trains, legos, cars, and dress up clothes (that his sister puts on him)

Favorite Food "mango ball" Mac and cheese (he calls footballs mango balls and so he calls velveta mac and cheese that), yogurt, granola, peanut butter sandwiches, and protein shakes

Favorite animal is a monkey

He loves "stinky truck" which is the trash man and so Tuesday is his favorite day cause it's trash day

He tell Will "Daddy you're my best friend" anytime he wants something cause he knows he will get it if he say that

He thinks he needs a paci still and will tell us he "just needs a taste of Henry's"

We have had to go to the ER 3 times this year. 2 times for a cut on the head to super glue shut and once cause he tried to pick up a scorpion. (I think I lost a few years and that is why I found one grey hair!)

Bob is such a sweet boy and is quick to say sorry. He doesn't like to hurt your feelings and will try to fix the wrong ASAP. He loves his brothers and sister and will let Kenzie put any kind of dress up on she wants. He will also play any silly game she comes up with. But if she gets too bossy he will let her know and he'll start yelling. So don't cross him! He comes in our bed almost every night (I know I said I won't do it but the kid won't stay in after 3am) He is so much fun to be around and I love him so much. I am so glad to be his mommy! I still can't believe how silly and funny he is at such a young age. Can't wait to see what's next with this little guy.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy birthday Henry!!!

One year ago our family grew by one sweet little man and my heart grew too! He is so sweet and so fun. He gives the BEST kisses and always has a smile for you. This year has gone by so fast I can't believe my baby is one. I really want to slow down time (or even stop it)! Here is my sweet baby fresh from heaven! (and don't judge the crappy way I look I had this baby in less then 3 hours with NO drugs. He was faced the wrong way and wasn't breathing. So it was hard and I was tired and worried. And at this point he is about 1.5 old or more and I FINALLY got to hold him! So NO judging okay?)

2 week old

2 weeks! I love his little mouth!

And here is my big boy on his birthday (with BOB and me) He is getting so big.

Not sure of weight and all that I will post after Dr. appt.

-He claps


-stands up on everything

-eats everything we give him

-When you say "kiss n face" he plants a BIG wet one on you! (I LOVE IT!)

-Says "Hi dad" "dada" "mama" and lots of other things I don't understand but he does cause his hands are going and eyebrows go up and down

-laughs all the time

-has two teeth

-got rid of the bottle!! (so excited about that!)

-thinks puppies are fun and laughs at them (till they hump him then he gets mad!)

-has the best sad face ever

-Loves to try and rip your face off! (really he loves faces)

And he loves cake!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this little man! I am so lucky to be his mommy and can't wait till he says Mommy! He is just the cutest sweet thing. I love to kiss and cuddle and love this baby. So thankful to have him in our family!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Whippy Cake!!

Do you see this! It's what saves me from a bad hair day! When I have a bad hair day I put this in and then all bad is gone. In face lots of women comment on my Whippy Cake

and wonder how they too can have such cuteness! WELL you can go here and enter to win $100 worth of wippy cake. (only I hope you don't win cause I NEED it! Will won't let me buy any more and well with 4 kids under 7 I have LOTS of bad hair days!)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st hair cut

On Aug 15 2011 Henry got his 1st hair cut. I really don't think he needed it...Okay he NEEDED it but I wasn't ready for him to have one. It seems like such a grown up thing getting your hair cut and I wasn't ready to have my baby grow up! And let's be honest I liked his wild crazy fluffy hair! I loved that I could tell what kind of a night he had by how it looked in the morning. I loved the way he would pull it when he was mad. I loved to make funny hair styles in the bath. I loved having a kid with hair! But it's hot and it needed to get done. So we did it and it just got trimed. Here he is before...Hair in his face and it's wild and crazy just how I liked it!

See that sad face.....even he wasn't happy about it getting cut!

Look how long it was. If he was a girl I could have some cute ponies on him! I love the look on his face

He looks so different. And his hair is lighter too

My big baby! It does look cute.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st day of school

Jordan started 1st grade yesterday and Kenzie kinder. Jordan was up and dressed by 6:45am:) Kenzie was very sassy which means she wasn't sure about the day. Mom was a huge mess and cried a lot! I like my kids and like having them home! (I like them so much in fact we are still not sure if for our 10 year next year we are going alone or taking them. That's a different story)

Kenzie's teacher said there was just a little bit of sass from here and she found a friend to be sassy with (GREAT, we'll just have to work on that......) Henry slept from 9 till 1 and Bob from 1 till we picked them up so it was a fun easy and hard sad day! All ready to go
Here she is!

Me and my kids!

Walking to school

Bye bye my sweet baby're off to do great things! Everyone deserves a chance to fly! Now here is yours, just don't forget I love you and will always be here when you need me!


Monday, August 15, 2011

11 months (just a little late)

Bob and Henry have both been super sick so I am a little late posting this and didn't take his 11 month picture on the 3rd (I took it on the 15th dang it! I did so good but like I said super sick kids...) So here he is fully hair and all! This is also the day we told him we were cutting his hair and this is how he felt about that...
"NOT my hair!! I love my fluffy hair. I like to run my hands in it. I like to put food in it. It adds 3 pounds to me."

Anyways here are his stats for 11 months

He is 17 pounds

Has 2 teeth (finally!)

Still waves all the time


Takes 2 naps

Sleeps all night!

has the best smile

Thinks Bob is funny

Loves Kenzie

Thinks Jordan is also funny

Cuddles his mommy!

He is a fun baby! and super calm (thank goodness!) I love being his mommy!!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Umm...Not sure how I feel about it...

While in San Diego on our way to the Beach we stopped at the store for some food. We got lunch stuff and drinks and a bowl of already cut up watermelon. (Not the best idea for the beach, the watermelon that is) So the watermelon never got eaten or even opened. We also had a sandwich that came with chips not opened.

We saw a Homeless man on the side of the road with a sign asking for help. So I had the GREAT idea to give him the food....So we pulled over I get out walk over to him and ask if he would like it. and he says "No I am not hungry" In my head I am thinking "Really? are you kidding me you are begging for help and I am here to help and you say NO!!! REALLY!!!??" But I say "well you're going to get hunry" He still says no and I walk away getting turned down by a homeless man.... Who am I 99% sure sign said he was hungry.....

We never did find another homeless person to give the food to so it went uneaten and bad....and I was sad...

Still can't believe it. Kind of makes me not want to help..only kind of....


Monday, July 18, 2011

potty training 101

Two weeks ago this little man thought it would be a GREAT time to potty train...right before San Diego. Umm okay? whatever. I didn't actually think he would I thought he just wanted to maybe try to use the potty and that would be that. NOPE he goes potty on the potty. Pee and poop!! And I did NOTHING to make that happen!!!! Cause I am AWESOME!!

This is how I potty train in my house. "When the kids are ready they will show me." Which for Jordan he was 3 years and 3 months. Kenzie was 2 and a half (and it was the day after I had gone to costco to get diapers.) and Bob 2 years and 9 months. And I didn't have to push or "train" a single one!! That is not to say we didn't have any peeing in their pants. Jordan had a hard time staying dry at night. Kenzie peed herself maybe 2 times. And the most recent one is when we heard Bob say "I pee in the hole" and he came out of the kitchen with pee all over his pants. Will told him about the "hole" in the front of his undies so that he would wear them the right way cause he was wearing them the wrong way to see the cars. NICE!!! BAD.IDEA.WILL!!!

So my advice to you since it has worked for 3 kids over here is DON'T stress!! And they will go when they are ready it will be easier on you and them and will happen in no time with less mess too!! I have yet to clean up any mess from Bob (well other then the pee in the hole one:) )


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A pirates life for me......

While in San diego we got to take a tour of the pirate ship used in the movie Pirates of the Carribean (and Master and Commander, but the kids could care less about that part. It was a REAL pirate ship!!!) If you know Jordan you know he LOVES pirates he has had 3 pirate parties now and it talking about having another one....(HELP ME:) ) anyways....... Here is Captain Jack Spar...I mean Jordan "driving"ship.
Bob just wanted to shoot something! And he makes some cute faces too.

This is a letter Written by Christopher Columbus. How cool is that!!!???

Me and Bob on the ship

And my sweet sassy pants girly girl! I love this of her and I love the water in the back!

The kids had a GREAT time looking and this ship and playing pirates on a real ship!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

A picture how to...

My MIL has a 5x7 picture of each grand kid on her wall and has asked for an updated one of Henry. She really wants one of all his hair:) And since the last one was when he was only 2 weeks old I thought it was a good idea. Since we were in San diego I thought it was a good time to try....Ummm Henry wasn't so sure..Here is our how to take a picture of a 10 month old who would rather eat the rocks and crawl. Picture one says : OH I wasn't suppose to wave at my daddy.
Picture two: OH you want me to crawl and get real super close and do it in less then .0003 seconds so you hardly have any time to back up...OKAY done!

Picture 3: I wanted that rock that was in my mouth......

Picture 4: This is what happens when mommy kisses me!

Picture 5: PERFECT!!!

*note it took WAY more then 5 pictures to get a good one and it may or may not have included more rock eating, crying, kisses, yelling (by the other kids), dancing, and other craziness. But it only took about 5 minutes!*