Saturday, June 26, 2010

I love him!

For Father's day this year I deiced to get crafty and make this for Will. It took a lot longer than I thought it would but he loved it and said it was once of the best gifts.(cheapest too) Jordan said when he is a daddy he wants me to make him one. My favorite has to be the bottle filled with 100+ pieces of gum or the Boston baked beans that I got to keep:)
As we were walking out the door I told them I needed a picture and sweet little Bob smiled with out me saying anything. I love this picture!!! I am going to have it framed for Will's office.
I am so thankful for a loving husband who works super hard (and long hours) for us. Who loves our babies and even on Father's day changed every single diaper (including two poops). He even cleaned the whole house for me too! I am one Lucky girl! I love this man.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

super girl

We were going to a super hero party and I couldn't think of what to have Kenzie wear. So on the day of the party (an hour before) I came up with this: And she LOVED it! I love her sweet face!
She is super Kenzie. The "K" is super sparkly (just how we like it) and there are flowers on the bottom with sparkle centers of course. It was perfect for my girly girl!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just one more time

Are you sick of hearing about our Disneyland trip yet? Good cause I'm NOT:) In fact I wish I was there (only not pregnant and holding a sweet baby in my arms) So here is the last bit of pictures (mostly of grandparents to see) We had to wait behind a rope for 10 minutes and Bob was getting silly cause he woke us all up at 6am. The park opened at 10am. The next day when we wanted to go to the park at 7am all the kids work up at 9am (mom was up at 5:45am but I did go back to sleep after a shower)
My boys!!

Me:"Bob show me your smile"

I love how silly Kenzie gets sometimes, how sweet Bob's face is and Jordan looks to grown up for me. Also my belly is HUGE.

Love love love his sweet face

She wanted a picture by Bruce. She is a super model

I think Will like Pirates the most:) Actually Jordan could have ridden it all day. We rode it 4 times and would have rode it more if it didn't break for a long time one day.

I love this! I forget what ride this is....

Bob loved the Balloons in Mickey's house. In fact he loves Mickey.

You have to take one here

and here

OH and here. I like how Jordan's shoe is coming off. He really thought it would come out and was REAL mad when it didn't.

Love these kids

All my loves!

Jordan wanted me to take this of him

My kids!

On the car ride that I almost DIED on! Jordan would turn before the turn because he saw it up ahead. I tried to tell him you turned when you got to the turn but he didn't get it. We went on this twice. I almost died twice. NEVER AGAIN....

Watching the parade. He loved it! There was tons of dancing which he loves

And you see that cute girl in the pink jacket that is my girl dancing in the parade! Too bad my camera died right after this picture (I should had charged the batteries oh well)
*Kenzie went on splash mountain and LOVED it. After the drop she turned to Will and said "Daddy when is the BIG drop?"
*Jordan HATED tower of terror
*Bob rode almost everything unless he was too small for it
*We ran into our friends Bill and Nora Morgan
*Next time I go I will NOT be pregnant. It wasn't so bad but I would rather not be
We had a GREAT time and can't wait to go back! The plan is to go back in about 2 years or so. Will said he could go every year. Which is funny because a few years ago he said he HATED Disneyland....

Monday, June 14, 2010

NOT ready...but ready?

I have 90 days (or less because I have never made it to my due date) till my family no longer looks like this:

and we add one more little man. I am ready to NOT be pregnant but I am not sure if my heart is ready for another one to love. I still think of Bob as a baby and just can't see him as a big brother yet, it fact it hurts to think about it and makes me cry. (could be cause everything makes me cry right now) But really how am I going to do this? Jordan and Kenzie are 19 months apart but Jordan didn't NEED me like Bob needs me. Bob wants me to hold and cuddle him all day. He NEED me! He's my sweet baby guy still. Can I have two babies? Even if they are almost 24 months apart? Is this what it is like with twins?

And 4 kids!! How in the world am I going to be a mom to 4 kids!! I mean I want 6 (I think) but I want some in school. Jordan will be starting school a few weeks before so I will still have 3 at home and have to worry about my oldest baby at school. I am not even ready to give him to school yet... I just can't think of that hurdle even if it does come before the baby.

Maybe I am stressing way too much and should be relaying on the Lord more. He does know me more than I know me. He knew I could do this and this baby wanted to come to our family NOW! There must be a reason why. I am excited to have 3 missionary sons. Even if two will be gone at the same time (Bob and this baby over lap by two weeks) NOW that will be hard on my heart in 19 years. But exciting. Just think of all the families that will be blessed.

I never would have guess when I joined the church that almost 11 years later I would have so many blessings. It was a HARD choice and I did it cause I KNEW it was right. And now I am getting to see all the wonderful things that come from my choice. I LOVE IT!!

Anyways if you have ideas on how to make this easier on my heart then let me know...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a Character

Here is a little start to our FUN filled 3 days in Disneyland!! The kids loved seeing all the different Characters. We didn't get to see as many princesses as we hoped for but we weren't going to wait in line for 2 hours for that. So we only really saw one and Kenzie was fine with that. Bob didn't like any of them but now he says Mickey Mouse ALL DAY LONG. But if you ask him he likes Mickey he says no. I don't get it either. So enjoy our intro to Disneyland and in a few days I will have more FUN pictures and stories for you!! (I know you are all just dying to hear them and see them:) ) Well at least my mom and dad are. Us with Mickey. Bob tried to smile but it didn't work out so good

Mad Hatter (Jordan's favorite)

Chip or dale? He had some nice dance moves and danced with Kenzie:)

This is for my Dad!!

Bob wanted to get inside:)

Kenzie told her she was BEAUTIFUL. And Kenzie's shirt said "shake it up" so they danced with her. It was too cute and she loved it.

Buzz got stuck and the kids had to push is button and help him.

He was leaving so Jordan run up to give him a hug:)

Bob DID NOT like Woody at all!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A day at the beach

I have been wanting to take Bob to the beach since he turned one and finally got to take him. It didn't go as I had planned and he didn't love it as much as I had hoped he would. It could be due to the fact that the water was COLD and his Daddy made him get all the way in instead of just letting him play.... But it was fun and the big kids had a BLAST. Kenzie actually got in this year. She usually just stays in the sand and plays. We went to Newport beach which was super clean and BEAUTIFUL!! The homes were so pretty. We want to go back. This is what the baby did most of the time. (We think he looks a lot like Kenzie here, and don't you love our new fancy stroller?)
Daddy always has to do this and always makes the kids made. You would think he would learn to STOP but he doesn't....

Running from the waves

Going in for the 1st time. ( Yes Will has all his clothes on. We all changed in the car. Not easy when you are 25 weeks pregnant. But he wanted to wait for a bathroom, that we never found....)

I saved him from Daddy

I wish I was there NOW!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bob swim video

Don't forget to go to the bottom and turn off the music 1st:)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Newport temple

Day one we were driving most of the day so we didn't get to do much but we did get to go to the Newport beach temple and then the beach. The temple is so beautiful and the grounds have tons of beautiful flowers. We have a family goal of seeing a temple every vacation and hopefully a new one every time. And once the kids are all 12 are plan is to do baptisms with them in all the temples we visit.
Driving up to the temple
Kids in front of the door.

The side

Jordan wanted to take a picture. I think he did a great job!

My sassy pants girly:) She loved that these flowers were bigger than her.