Sunday, December 26, 2010

1 year and Bob's trip to the ER

A year ago today I was turning over to tell my husband that he was late to pick up my little brother to go paintballing, next thing I know I am in the living room sitting on a chair with my parents, Will's parents, and firemen and paramedics around me. I had had a seizure. Dang it! And I also knew right about that was pregnant, even if the 5 test I took said I wasn't.
I went for another ride in an ambulance and spent most of the day in the ER.
I scarred my poor son who happened to walk in the room right as it happened but he learned all about 911. And as for me I learned a lot too.

1.I am thankful I have only had 2 seizures

2. Even if I wasn't ready then for a new baby I am NOW! Henry is the BEST baby and I love love love having him in our home.

3.Taking pills everyday isn't so bad, cause I am now 7 pounds LESS than when I got pregnant. That makes me a happy girl.

4.My husband is the best man EVER! He loves me so much and does a lot to help me. Like sleep in, cleans the house, let's me go out for a break, hugs me and loves me no matter how rude I sometimes am.

These are a few things I learned this year after my seizure. I also learned that I will be on these pill for a while and will just have to learn to be a good pill taker. I stink at it and almost always forget. But I will learn someday...

Now on to Bob. He pulled a stocking down and the cast iron holder fell right on his head. It bleed a lot and we got it all cleaned up. 30 minutes later we went to Target and before we got about a minute away he was asleep and we couldn't wake him. Will went to nextcare to see what we should do and they called 911. When the paramedics got there they tired to wake him by taking blood, pinching him, yelling in his ear and after non of these worked they used smelling salts. He had to got to the ER (by ambulance) and get a CAT scan. They couldn't find anything, thank goodness. He is fine now but I had a mild heart attack thinking the worst. But never shed a tear (till I walked in the door at home)
I know my Heavenly Father was there helping me to stay calm so that Bob wouldn't get scared. I also know he was there to comfort me and for that I am extremely grateful because I need it.
I am so glad that he knows me and love me. That he looks out for us and helps us in times of need.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sweet sleepy baby

This baby is the BEST! He goes to bed at 8pm gets up at 4:30am back to bed till 8am and back to bed again till around 9:30ish. He also started sucking his thumb. I need to break him of that ASAP (but he does look cute)
He also had a little run in with Bob the other day. Bob tried to pick him up off my bed and bring him to me (just like Kenzie, who is NOT suppose to) but instead he fell and then Bob started to drag him before Daddy went in and yelled. Henry cried a little but Bob cried for 15 minutes. He felt real bad and kept saying sorry.

Friday, December 10, 2010

All by myself.

I love love love getting ideas for different blogs and this is one I love! Check it out here. The always do a "I made it without my hubby" party and I am going to join in this time!

I 1st went to Home Depot and got a piece of wood for 51cents! And had them cut it for me . I sanded and spray painted it next. Then using Mod podge (which I LOVE) I decorated this: (Yes I know my desk is a mess I will clean it, some day...)

Next up I have been wanting to sell hair thing I make for almost a year but having a seizure and getting pregnant but a hold on that till this week I opened a shop and I am totally excited! I will be adding cute kids clothes in a few weeks so look for that. Check out my shop
Below are two samples of the hair things!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Funky town

I am having a hard week and letting things others say get to me so I must remember "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt

I am also coming up to 11 months since my seizure and I am not real sure how to feel. I am in a little bit of a funk I guess. I have this super cute fun baby and three amazing kids plus one wonderful husband and for that I am thankful. For some reason I am in a funk an all around funk.
Cleaning is no fun (not that it ever was), I want to craft but can't decide what I want to do so I do nothing, reading is okay (usually I can read a book in a few day, I have been reading the same one for a week and a half ), I cut my hair (didn't help), I bought new shoes (nothing).
I just can't figure out what the heck is wrong. Maybe I need more sleep and need to stop caring what other's say. I need to not care what they think of me or things I make or my kids or family or whatever. I need to care LESS a lot LESS!!!!

Okay vent is done......I will be back to "normal" (whatever that is) sometime when I feel like it..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crazy Hair

Henry has the most hair out of all the kids. And it is WILD! I can't keep it down it just stand straight up. Kind of like a monkey. It's so cute. I find it funny that people tell you that you can tell if your baby will have hair or not by if you have heartburn when you are pregnant. With Kenzie I had a TON and she had NO hair and I had NO heartburn AT ALL with Henry and he has a lot. So I feel that is a BIG FAT LIE!!!!! Here is my sweet little monkey hair boy right after a bath.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was a little bit harder this year then last and not because I have one more kid but because I was super sick and not in the mood for fun. I really wanted to be in bed but seeing my cute kids did help me to feel a little better. Here are some pictures. (I only took 6 or so because I felt like poop. I would usually take at least 50) All four kids. Jordan-black spiderman, Kenzie- a witch, Bob- monkey and Henry-pumpkin
My parents with the kids. The kitty is Aliana my brothers little girl.

Me getting the kids out of the car for truck or treating


Bob was really excited to be a monkey. He told everyone about it and made super cute noises too. The outfit was a 4T and he is an 18months so I had to cut off the feet and hem up the bottom but it helped to make it super fat and I loved that!
We had a great time and I can't wait till next year when I hopefully won't be sick!
Now bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the crazy that comes with it!!!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Miss Sassy pants is 5

5 years ago on Oct 25 at 2:10am a nurse handed a new sweet baby girl to her Daddy and that baby girl lifted her head up and looked right into her Daddy's eyes then looked around the room. That should have been our 1st clue at how life would be with Miss Loo:) She is like her mommy in many ways. She is head strong and likes things her way (or at least to think it was her idea) She is very girly and loves to have her toes painted (I painted them the day I brought her home). We love having a sweet girl in our home. She is a great big sister to Bob and Henry and a helper to Mommy.
This is how she poses for pictures.
She is a Daddy's girl.

She loves sweets too. This is her on her 1st birthday.
She always comes up with funny things. Like this from last week: after seeing milk on Henry's face she said "I didn't know milk came out of Moms boob, that is awesome!"
While listening to I couldn't help but think of her and of course cried (no surprise)
I love having a daughter even if she drives me crazy:)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Friends full circle

I had a friend named Nicole we met in 5th grade and became fast friends. We got in tons of trouble in 6th grade were the teacher couldn't even get our names right. In fact I don't think she ever once called me by my name. We always said our daughters would be best friends. Well I lost contact with her after high school. So I never thought that would happen. WELL... She just happened to join the same mom's group that I am in and guess what.. Our daughter love one another! It is so stinkin cute!! They play so cute and hold hand and say they are sisters. I had tears in my eyes on this day cause I just couldn't believe it. I didn't even tell Kenzie to play with her she just did.
Look how cute they are! I need to find a picture of Nicole and I and post it!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The next four least

I just went to the neurologist for my check up. It has been almost 10 months since my seizure and all looks good. He is pretty sure that I will have no problems and will be able to go on with my life and I will just have to take two pill at bed time for the next four years. Wait... Four more years..
I was hoping to maybe get off these things sooner than that. But he says four years at the soonest if I even get off of then. I am and was a little sad by that but he did say I am lucky that I don't have epilepsy and I get to live my life and drive and go on vacations and have babies. So in that way yes.
Speaking of babies I thought the reason I had these seizures was because of pregnancy but NO IT IS NOT! In fact we have no idea why I had the seizures (two of them) but He does know they are not due to being pregnant. So where does that leave me? Do I just stay unanswered. Do I even what to know or can I even know why.
I am totally bummed and upset by all this. I hate being on pills (the good thing is they are a weight loss pill unlike the others that made me gain). I just don't feel "normal" or like me on them but I guess this is the new me and I need to get use to it.
I will go see my Dr in another 9 months to a year and we will go from there and see if we need to do any test or change anything.
I guess Heavenly Father has a plan for me.. I mean I KNOW he has a plan and I just need to trust that this is part of the plan. I need to pray for help to get over my being upset and just learn to deal with it. I think it is okay to be upset for a little bit right?
Anyways that is my seizure update......

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 years

From this To this
In just two short years.

I can't believe Bob is two. It went by way too fast! I love this little guy and I want him to stay little forever! Here are some fun facts about my little man

- He learned to swim before he slept all night (18 months swimming. 23 months sleeping all night)

- Loves Mickey Mouse and Woody (from toy story but calls him da goo no idea why)

-He hates to have a dirty diaper but the potty is a little scarry right now

-He is a mama's boy:)

-He takes at least a 3 hour nap (he would sleep more but we have to pick up Jordy from school)

-Calls Kenzie "K"

-likes balls and everytime we go to Safeway Daddy gets him a new one (good thing it's only 25 cents and we only shop there every other month)

-He likes to put on everyones shoes and walk around the house but once outside he is fast to take his off cause he would rather be without.

-Loves the water if someone is in the bath or shower he gets naked and jumps on in with them. (he gets several a day)

-Has the BEST smile

-dances everytime music comes on

Theses are just a few things we love about our boy. He makes every day so much fun!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Random thoughts

-I can't believe I have four kids. FOUR kids!! And that I want more... CRAZY. I don't want more today or soon maybe in 2 or 3 years.

-I am getting NO sleep. this baby likes to eat.

-The good thing about him eating lots is I have lost all but 3 pounds that I gained. So in 17 days I have lost 23 pounds! I have 33 pounds in all to get rid of but I think I can do it. I haven't done any working out at all yet and it has just come off.

-Henry is a pee machine! We have used a box and 2 packages of diapers already and he is only 17 days old. I think I may actually have to buy newborn diapers.

-Bob loves Henry. He is always asking where he is and kissing him

-I can't believe Bob is turning two. I feel like I just planed a 1st b-day party for him. They grow up too fast.

-My husband is the BEST he lets me sleep in (when he can). and takes the kids out of the house so it is nice and quite for me. I love him!

-Jordan and Kenzie love having a baby in the house too. They have been very helpful and also love to kiss him. We all love to kiss him:)

-Having four is not as hard as I thought it would be. Going from 2 to 3 was A LOT harder then this. I haven't had to take all four anywhere yet well actually I did have to walk all four to Jordan's school for a meeting with his teacher. That was hard because it was hot and the stroller had a flat tire but other than that no so bad. We will see when Jordy is on break and I take all four somewhere, then ask me if 4 is hard:)

-I love being a mommy. It is everything I thought it would be. Only I did think I would get a little more sleep but I love I wouldn't want to do anything else. I am so thankful for a husband who works super hard so I can stay home with the kids and for friends who feel the same way!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Henry's birth

Friday morning a little after 2am I woke up and knew I was in labor. So I woke Will up and told him and he told me "give it a minute and go back to bed." I told him to get up cause we had to pack a bag and get some cleaning done before my mom came! So he got up got dress and so did I. I called my mom and told her to come in 20 minutes. By the time she got to our house and we told her how the morning should go with the kids and Jordan going to school it was 3:30ish and we were on our way to the hospital. I was getting nervous cause I had group B strep and had to get 4 hours of meds before I had Henry and didn't think that would happen.

So by the time we were triage and I got to the labor room and the IV of meds started it was somewhere around 5am. I was asked if I wanted the epidural but since I wasn't in a lot of pain I said not now. I was 6cm at this time and doing okay with the pain.

I had thought about going drug free this whole pregnancy but hadn't told anyone just in case I wimped out. So I asked Will for a blessing and afterwards asked what he thought I should do. He said he felt I shouldn't get it. I got mad at him because I was in PAIN!

7am and I told Will to call my mom and tell her if she wanted to be in the room she needed to hurry cause I didn't think it would be much longer. A few minutes later the nurse checked me I was still a 6 and she was leaving so I got a new nurse who checked me and I was 6 but as she was checking I became an 8 and Henry's heart rate was dropping fast. She yelled for another nurse told me to get on my side. Called the Doctor asked for the NICU to be on standby and it was go time. Will said it all happened in about a minute and Henry was born at 7:40am....

With the cord wrapped around him and not breathing. He was also facing the wrong way, which was very painful! He was head to toe purple. The silence in the room was so scary to me. They finally got him to breath and cry but I didn't get to hold him for 40 minutes. In fact I didn't move for an hour I was so tired and overwhelmed! I did ask "so it's a boy right?" Will laughed and said "yes it's a boy!"

So he came into the world fast weighing 7 pounds and was 18 inches. I am totally in love with him and so glad he is part of our family! I just hope this is the last time he gives me a mild heart attack! If you look at his hands and tummy you can see they are still purple:( When I saw this for the 1st time I cried.

Me and my little man. I know I look like heck but I did just have a baby drug free!

Sweet baby face!

Bob loves being a big brother!

All my crazy kids!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mommy of four!

Henry is finally here!! He came super fast and had some problems but he is perfect!! I will tell you all about it later but for now enjoy these two pictures Saying his prayers:)
Me and my four kids!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I love his sweet voice!

This is some of Bob and his animal sounds. I just love how cute his voice sounds!! Oh and don't mind the messy office, I am working on it:)


I am a planner so this whole pregnancy thing is driving me CRAZY!! I wake up every day and and hope that it's the day this baby comes only to have dumb braxton hicks (false labor, that hurts and is so irritating). I just find it funny that the one thing I love and wanted all my life (to be a mother) is the one thing you just can't plan for. You must wait for the baby to come when it wants to come. Then when they are here they run on their own little schedule for a while (but not to long:) ).
So here I am waiting...for baby #4, to be a mother to another sweet baby. I am honored to do so but a little cranky too:)

Monday, August 23, 2010

How to jump in the 23 months

Bob is for sure my water baby! He has no fear of the water and loves to jump right in. If we go to my mom's he thinks we get to swim. In fact if you say "Bob want to go to Nana's?" He says "swimming" On Saturday he kept jumping in so I thought I would get picture so you can all enjoy his cuteness!! Look at that smile
I love the tucked in legs and arms out

close your eyes before you enter the water

Arms still out

BIG splash!!!
And that is how my 23month old jumps in the pool!!
OH and an update on Jordan and school: He told me that his 1st day of school was the BEST day of his life!! So I guess he loves it. We still miss him....

Monday, August 16, 2010

1st day of school!

Well my friends my 1st baby is now in Kindergarten. He has been waiting a long time and I had to let him go. Which was easier then I thought. I cried more at kinder round-up and meeting his teacher then I did today. But today my heart hurt more and I sure do miss him. I know he is going to be just fine and LOVE school.
When I 1st found out I was pregnant Kindergarten seems so far away I would say "Jordan starts school and two weeks later the baby comes." It felt like it would take forever for that to happen and I could keep Jordan my baby for a long time BUT it when by SUPER FAST and now the baby will be here soon. CRAZY.
Enjoy pictures from our morning Breakfast of homemade waffles and cinnamon rolls with a glass of chocolate milk!
Ready to go!

Walking to school

Okay maybe RUNNING is more like it

Waiting at the wall to go in. (At this point I had to kiss him and say goodbye because my heart was breaking)
After he went inside I walked over to Will and said "This just stinks, I miss my boy!" He felt the same way. I can't wait to pick him up and hear all about his 1st day......
I will fill you all in:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

When did he get so big...

Jordan is starting Kindergarten in just a few days (4 days) and I feel like he is still to little to be going. But he is ready and excited. We got to meet his teacher today and he likes her and so do I. I had to hold back tears just talking to her so Monday shall be fun! She told me of all kinds of fun things she has planned and she even said the other kids and I can go on all the field trips! So 1st up is the pumpkin patch in Oct, I can't wait.
While I am sad to see my baby growing up I am excited for him to get to do new things. I just feel like it went by too fast. I never understood what people were saying when Jordan was 1st born but now I do and I'm not sure I like it.
Here are some picture of me and my baby. (at least how I still picture him in my mind)
I love his sweet face in this one! (This is my all time favorite of us)
I like the no hair and no smile (this is Will's favorite)

OH and the belly I love him!!
Okay I am tearing up writing this (being pregnant make me a mess, who am I kidding I'm always a mess)
I'll post 1st day of school pictures on Monday!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Jordan slept till 9:30 this morning and since I had to go to church alone I thought well I'll just go to my In-laws ward. Well I cried the WHOLE time! Every thing was meant for me!
But a talk was given and it was on "what is the greatest worth" The talk was by Sister Smith (she is in my ward) so I was excited to see her in this ward. She said the greatest worth on the earth is you! Because of what the Savior gave for you!
It totally touched my heart and made me realize how once again how important I am. If there was only me the Savior still would have suffered and died for me because I AM important! This is something I don't think women hear enough. In fact I don't think people in general hear it enough. No matter what you do or did you are important and loved!! And you are the greatest worth on the earth to our Heavenly Father and the Savior!
I love this message and I need to tell it to my children often so they know that when they make mistakes (because we all will and do) that they are loved above everything else in this life!

I am so thankful that my sweet baby boy slept in today. It is weird that he did because from birth he has needed very little sleep so I knew he was tried. We did have a long day yesterday. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me the Savior. For Jesus and his atonement. Without which I would be nothing and have nothing. For the love I feel everyday from Jesus and Heavenly Father by looking at my Children and Husband. I am excited to get a new baby fresh from Heaven! I love looking in the eyes of a new baby and feeling the love of my Heavenly Father. I love my husband and I am grateful for all the hard work he does for our family! I can't wait to be a family of 6!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

8 Years!!!

Look at the cute family we made in just 8 years! Soon baby #4 will be in the picture.
We were so young when we 1st started dating 17 and 16. And when we got married 21 and 20 (young but I love it!) I find new things to love about Will every year. It's exciting! The time goes by so fast when you are married to your best friend and it makes life wonderful too! It makes all life's trials since a little easier knowing you have someone to help you make it past each and everyone. That you will never be lonely (in fact that is our song "You will never be Lonely" by Andy Griggs)

Here are 8 things that make me smile when thinking about Will

1. His love for his children! He told me just last night that when Jordan went to pre-school he totally cried (I didn't know that) So he is sure Kindergartner is going to be hard for him to let him go.

2. His passion for whatever he is doing. His business, Church calling or even perfecting his NSYNC dance moves:)

3. His love for his Heavenly Father and Jesus. He makes sure scriptures are read every morning and night along with prayer.

4. His love for Disneyland. I love Disney and when we got married was sad that he never wanted to go. I told him for our 5 year anniversary and now he is hooked! He loves it and would go all the time! (if we were rich) It was so fun to see him riding the kiddie rides and laughing with the kids!

5. His made up words to songs he *thinks* he knows. It's so funny to hear what he thinks the word are

6.He tells me I am beautiful even when I am HUGE pregnant. He tells me I am growing his baby and to him I will always be pretty no matter what I think. He will then kiss me sweetly and let me continue to rant:)

7. That he likes girly movies (even if he protest he ends up liking it)

8. That he loves me not matter what. He has to put up with a lot when I am pregnant and starting my seizure meds and I am thankful that he loves me! He still gives crappy foot rubs but I love his kisses! And if I am upset his arms are always open and ready for me to cry on him!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One year ago

I was getting pictures off the computer and on to CD's and I found this one of Bob. This was one year ago. He looks so little and has no hair! But he still has that sweet little baby face. I love this little man of mine. I am not sure I am ready for him to be a big brother yet, I like him being my baby! I want him to be a baby forever. Why must they grow up?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I love this kid

One day Jordan said "hey mom get your camera out and look what I can do." So I did and this is what he did. He is said he could use this skill later in life when he is a pirate:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I find that now that I am 28 (soon to be 29) and have 3 kids (in a few weeks 4) I don't have as much time for the things I once did. I remember when I was 1st married I would call my Sister in law and talk for hours a day with her. I miss that. I haven't spoken to her for hours in years. When I call it is for a few short minutes and then it's back to our daily lives. She has 5 kids so I know she doesn't have the time any more. But I miss it. I think we should have a girls weekend just to chat and laugh!

I also don't have the time I would like for friends either. I mean they don't have time as well so it's not so bad but I would like to see my best friend more then once every three months. One day when she has a baby and I am the their Nanny I will see her daily but for now I miss her when I don't talk to her for month on end but she is busy and I am busy and that is the way it is now.

Crafts... I wish I could use nap time to do them but being 31 weeks pregnant I too need a nap so they have to wait.

I have a few people in my life that just don't seem to understand that I do not have any extra time in my day to make time for myself let alone them. And it's hard because I don't like to hurt others but my time is spent taking care of my kids, husband, house and sometimes myself. I am just not sure how to let them know that maybe we have grown apart and need to move on. Because what they expect from me is not when I can give. And it makes me sad but it's the truth. I can even pee by myself there is always a little one watching or a little hand at reaching under the door or two kids yelling at the door.

At this point in my life the people I consider my friends are the ones I don't need to call everyday or see every week. They are the ones that I can call last minute if I need something and they will be there. The ones that for no reason other than I am having a bad day will bring me and Eegee and a cookie:) That like me need a break from mommy hood and will call to see a movie or get ice cream.

I read an article that said Women with kids don't have time. (I have been working on this darn blog for a week cause I DON'T HAVE TIME) And it is totally true. I wish I had time to talk on the phone but when I do I have three little ones running around me needing my time. And I must give it to them because soon enough they won't need me any more and I will miss this!

I am thankful for the friends in my life who understand that even if I take a week to call you back or can't chat for long or hang out often that I still love ya! That I think of you often and wish we could hang out more but we have little ones that need us right now and when they are all grown up we will have each other to hang out with again:)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We went to Goodyear for the weekend to help Will's buddy move and while we were there we stayed at the Wigwam Resort and Swam A LOT! I also took pictures of the kids (since it had been over a year) He didn't want his taken and had just gotten hit in the eye with a pillow so this was as good as it got.
My sassy girl had a ton of cute ones but I think this one is totally her! I LOVE IT!!

Right when he saw the camera he said "Mommee" and gave me this cute smile. And this would also be the last time we saw this piggy:( we got lock out of the room and while I was busy taking pictures with the other kids Will was busy trying to get back in. And he totally forgot about the toy. We realized it when on the way home he started making piggy noises and saying "where it go" It was so sad. We are going to have to get another.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I love him!

For Father's day this year I deiced to get crafty and make this for Will. It took a lot longer than I thought it would but he loved it and said it was once of the best gifts.(cheapest too) Jordan said when he is a daddy he wants me to make him one. My favorite has to be the bottle filled with 100+ pieces of gum or the Boston baked beans that I got to keep:)
As we were walking out the door I told them I needed a picture and sweet little Bob smiled with out me saying anything. I love this picture!!! I am going to have it framed for Will's office.
I am so thankful for a loving husband who works super hard (and long hours) for us. Who loves our babies and even on Father's day changed every single diaper (including two poops). He even cleaned the whole house for me too! I am one Lucky girl! I love this man.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

super girl

We were going to a super hero party and I couldn't think of what to have Kenzie wear. So on the day of the party (an hour before) I came up with this: And she LOVED it! I love her sweet face!
She is super Kenzie. The "K" is super sparkly (just how we like it) and there are flowers on the bottom with sparkle centers of course. It was perfect for my girly girl!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just one more time

Are you sick of hearing about our Disneyland trip yet? Good cause I'm NOT:) In fact I wish I was there (only not pregnant and holding a sweet baby in my arms) So here is the last bit of pictures (mostly of grandparents to see) We had to wait behind a rope for 10 minutes and Bob was getting silly cause he woke us all up at 6am. The park opened at 10am. The next day when we wanted to go to the park at 7am all the kids work up at 9am (mom was up at 5:45am but I did go back to sleep after a shower)
My boys!!

Me:"Bob show me your smile"

I love how silly Kenzie gets sometimes, how sweet Bob's face is and Jordan looks to grown up for me. Also my belly is HUGE.

Love love love his sweet face

She wanted a picture by Bruce. She is a super model

I think Will like Pirates the most:) Actually Jordan could have ridden it all day. We rode it 4 times and would have rode it more if it didn't break for a long time one day.

I love this! I forget what ride this is....

Bob loved the Balloons in Mickey's house. In fact he loves Mickey.

You have to take one here

and here

OH and here. I like how Jordan's shoe is coming off. He really thought it would come out and was REAL mad when it didn't.

Love these kids

All my loves!

Jordan wanted me to take this of him

My kids!

On the car ride that I almost DIED on! Jordan would turn before the turn because he saw it up ahead. I tried to tell him you turned when you got to the turn but he didn't get it. We went on this twice. I almost died twice. NEVER AGAIN....

Watching the parade. He loved it! There was tons of dancing which he loves

And you see that cute girl in the pink jacket that is my girl dancing in the parade! Too bad my camera died right after this picture (I should had charged the batteries oh well)
*Kenzie went on splash mountain and LOVED it. After the drop she turned to Will and said "Daddy when is the BIG drop?"
*Jordan HATED tower of terror
*Bob rode almost everything unless he was too small for it
*We ran into our friends Bill and Nora Morgan
*Next time I go I will NOT be pregnant. It wasn't so bad but I would rather not be
We had a GREAT time and can't wait to go back! The plan is to go back in about 2 years or so. Will said he could go every year. Which is funny because a few years ago he said he HATED Disneyland....