Friday, October 29, 2010

Miss Sassy pants is 5

5 years ago on Oct 25 at 2:10am a nurse handed a new sweet baby girl to her Daddy and that baby girl lifted her head up and looked right into her Daddy's eyes then looked around the room. That should have been our 1st clue at how life would be with Miss Loo:) She is like her mommy in many ways. She is head strong and likes things her way (or at least to think it was her idea) She is very girly and loves to have her toes painted (I painted them the day I brought her home). We love having a sweet girl in our home. She is a great big sister to Bob and Henry and a helper to Mommy.
This is how she poses for pictures.
She is a Daddy's girl.

She loves sweets too. This is her on her 1st birthday.
She always comes up with funny things. Like this from last week: after seeing milk on Henry's face she said "I didn't know milk came out of Moms boob, that is awesome!"
While listening to I couldn't help but think of her and of course cried (no surprise)
I love having a daughter even if she drives me crazy:)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Friends full circle

I had a friend named Nicole we met in 5th grade and became fast friends. We got in tons of trouble in 6th grade were the teacher couldn't even get our names right. In fact I don't think she ever once called me by my name. We always said our daughters would be best friends. Well I lost contact with her after high school. So I never thought that would happen. WELL... She just happened to join the same mom's group that I am in and guess what.. Our daughter love one another! It is so stinkin cute!! They play so cute and hold hand and say they are sisters. I had tears in my eyes on this day cause I just couldn't believe it. I didn't even tell Kenzie to play with her she just did.
Look how cute they are! I need to find a picture of Nicole and I and post it!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The next four least

I just went to the neurologist for my check up. It has been almost 10 months since my seizure and all looks good. He is pretty sure that I will have no problems and will be able to go on with my life and I will just have to take two pill at bed time for the next four years. Wait... Four more years..
I was hoping to maybe get off these things sooner than that. But he says four years at the soonest if I even get off of then. I am and was a little sad by that but he did say I am lucky that I don't have epilepsy and I get to live my life and drive and go on vacations and have babies. So in that way yes.
Speaking of babies I thought the reason I had these seizures was because of pregnancy but NO IT IS NOT! In fact we have no idea why I had the seizures (two of them) but He does know they are not due to being pregnant. So where does that leave me? Do I just stay unanswered. Do I even what to know or can I even know why.
I am totally bummed and upset by all this. I hate being on pills (the good thing is they are a weight loss pill unlike the others that made me gain). I just don't feel "normal" or like me on them but I guess this is the new me and I need to get use to it.
I will go see my Dr in another 9 months to a year and we will go from there and see if we need to do any test or change anything.
I guess Heavenly Father has a plan for me.. I mean I KNOW he has a plan and I just need to trust that this is part of the plan. I need to pray for help to get over my being upset and just learn to deal with it. I think it is okay to be upset for a little bit right?
Anyways that is my seizure update......