Friday, August 29, 2008

What to do

Okay so I have 30 days to go!! And I have been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions. They are so painful and happen if I do too much cleaning or walking. What are some things to do to not get them or to make them less painful. I have to clean and sitting all day is not really an option with 2 little ones. At the end of the day I feel like a train has run me over! I need some help.

Friday, August 22, 2008

What I'm not 29?

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
This is Will's reaction to the fact that he is only 28 not 29 or 30 like he thought. He is totally weird but I love him. Why do I love him? you ask Well here goes

1.He tells me I am beautiful even if I am HUGE and pregnant.

2. Everyday he does some dorky thing that makes me laugh.

3. He cleans the kitchen

4. cooks dinner

5. When we have newborns he gets up with them in the middle of the night with me

6. He will let me sleep in if he doesn't have to go to work

7. If he does work early he will let me take a nap when he gets home. (and will clean while I am asleep)

8. He dances around the house like a crazy man just to make the kids laugh

9. He loves having kids just as much as I do. (In fact he wants 6 of then now)

10. He will paint my toes when I am pregnant

11. He loves our Heavenly Father and Jesus

12. He took me to the temple to be sealed forever

13. He is a GREAT example to Jordan of how to be a wonderful man.

14. All Kenzie has to do is look at him and she melts his heart. I love it!!

15. His love for wrestling. I may not show it but I love that he gets so into it. I find it cute and sexy!

16. I love when we talk about the gospel for hours in bed!

17. I love when he bears his testimony and gets emotional. In my eyes that is a true faithful man!

18. His hugs and kisses are the BEST

19. When we go swimming he trys to do the biggest cannon ball just to get everyone wet.

20. Also when swimming he makes up weird funny contest for him and my dad and brother

21. That he loves his mission. (also a good example to our sons)

22.When Robbie kicks and he is looking the look on his fact is so stinkin funny I want to take a picture of it.

23. When we go to dinner I almost always get to pick where, even on his birthday.

24. Did you know he has Jordan's 1st band aid in his wallet? I love that!!!

25. He loves Disneyland. I thought for sure we would never go but he wants to go more than me

26.That he still calls or see his parents every day.

27.To him Family is #1 no matter what!!

28. He is the best cuddler! He love to cuddle.

Will-I am so glad you were born and that 11 years ago you walked into a little ice cream shop, and come back (a lot) so that we could be together forever! You are my best friend! I couldn't imagine life with you and your love. Thank you for all you do for our family. I love you more than anything!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tell me why

Why do people feel the need to say things like. "Wow you look like you have gained some weight," "You're getting BIG, when is the baby due," "Are you sure there is just one in there?," and a variety of other things. Really would you tell someone who is not pregnant who got fat that they are fat? NO Then why would you say these things to an emotionally unstable pregnant lady!! I know I am a big fat cow there is no need to point it out. I already feel totally gross and not sexy there is no need to make it worse.
I am ready to get my body back and hit the gym so I can let all the jerks I have to hear tell me these things "looks like you're the FAT one!!"
Okay that is my rant I could really go on for a while it makes me really really mad!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hair cut

I want to cut my hair because it's getting to long and I just really don't like it. So I was thinking of this. What do you think?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jordan and his bed

A few weeks ago we took Jordan shopping for a "big boy" bed. We had a hard time deciding between a bunk bed or a twin bed but in the end we got the bunk (with only one mattress for now, we'll get the other one soon) He thinks baby Robbie is going to be sleeping with him soon so he may have some heart break soon. I can't believe my little boy is getting so big. Jordan and Kenzie showing off how BIG the bed is
another shot of the bed.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

CRAZY, that is how I feel

I know I am almost done (49 more days today) when I can no longer paint my toes! I am getting really nervous that we have nothing but my SIL is going to give my a baby shower so that should help. I keep telling Will that we need to get some clothes or diapers and he says "oh we have plenty of time" but I freak out and think but what if this baby wants to come now!!!!! I think I am going CRAZY. Poor little Kenzie wants to sit on my lap and gets mad that my lap no longer will hold her. So I have to lay down to cuddle with her. She tells me to let Robbie out so she can cuddle and have her mommy. Sweet baby princess she is going to have to learn to share me.
My sweet Husband has done all the cleaning because I just don't want to and don't feel like Oh and I have had a cold! A COLD in the summer while pregnant NOT FUN!!!!! I love him!!!!!
So that is my update for this week and why I have been MIA.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Loved this!

Count your blessings,
not your problems.
'And remember:
amateurs built the ark ..
professionals built the Titanic.
If God brings you to
it - He will bring you through it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

6 years together!!

6 years ago today I went to the Temple and married the BEST guy ever!!!!! This is one of my favorite pictures. We were just walking and the guy took our picture

6 things I LOVE about Will.
1. That he loves to make me laugh and he is good at it. If I am having a bad day he will try to be funny to make be laugh.
2. That when we have babies he gets up in the middle of the night with me. He gets the baby up change diapers so I can get ready to feed them.
3.The songs he makes up (don't tell him but I really do think they are funny)
4.His love for the gospel and for introducing me to the church
5.That he calls us all the time just to see what we are doing.
6.That he loves being a Daddy just as much as I love being a Mommy.
I just love him!!!!!!!

For our anniversary we went to my mom's and sat in the hot tub for an hour then went to the mall and got cute shoes. Then we went to gaslight (which Will planned!) with some friends (who invited themselves :) ) We had so much fun. I haven't laughed that much in a while. I can't believe it has been 6 years and we have a 3rd baby on the way. Life is GREAT and I love my husband!!