Friday, November 13, 2009

5 for Friday

Lessons learned this week
1. Some times words aren't needed. A friend of mine had to say goodbye to her sweet baby girl this week. Ella Rose is now with Heavenly Father and I am sure that doesn't make loosing her any easier for her mommy who never really got to be her mommy in this life. So I really didn't know what to say so instead I gave her a hug along with a scrapbook. I know that Lynn with see her sweet baby again and get to raise her and love her and for that I am thankful

2.When buying ice cream make sure that baby is a sleep or buy him an empty cone cause he can yell REALLY LOUD. But Vol 37 of the radio does make the yelling a little less loud.

3. When someone hurts the kids feelings I can not fix them. This was hard for me because I am suppose to fix all the hurts but by letting them try and work it our themselves I am helping them to grow.

4. I HATE the heat!! I already knew this but is should not be this hot in Nov. I need a break from it!!

5. It is hard to find a good movie. Every time we go to rent one we find that the ones that sound good are rated R so we leave with nothing. And watch the office instead.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I think he wants out

Friday, November 6, 2009

5 for Friday

1. At 13 months the baby (he is still a baby right? I thought so too) got his 1st hair cut. I cried but I love it. I now call him new hairs:) Like when he wakes up I say Hi new hairs and he laughs. And I kiss him This is the after
A lollipop to help

This is my crazy hair boy before.
2. I am so excited for Saturday I am going to go to the temple with one of my YW Tia! I am even her escort. For once I felt like I get to see the fruits of my labor by being able to not only see her grown in the gospel but to see her in the temple and in a week be sealed. My 1st calling was CTR 5 teacher and now those kids are 12 Young Men and Woman! Crazy to think that
3. I am extremely grateful for my Children that they are healthy and make me crazy. A friend of mine lost her sweet baby girl this week and it makes me happy to know that Families are Forever. That if we loose our babies in this life we will get to raise them in the next.
4.I love the show Fast Forward! I am glad I have something to watch once Lost is over (not happy about that but maybe all will be answered!)
5. I love my husband! I am so glad I get him forever! He is wonderful and makes me laugh all the time sometimes I have to make him stop or I will pee my pants. He is so funny and can make any day a GREAT one. And he now has Saturdays off!!! Can't wait till we have a free one to just hang out.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Rob-"One is never enough"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

A picutre preview of our Halloween this year Rob was a froggie. And he loved his he laughed at his hands most of the night.
Jordan was a pirate, Kenzie a witch only she hated the hat, the froggie and Ali was a princess

Will and I at a party. (and our princess)

This is the kids the night of our party. Two pirates and a princess