Thursday, August 30, 2007

How to get the yummiest peaches

In order to pick the perfect peach you 1st need a few things. Bucket, Check. Wagon, check. Long reachy thing with weird basket on top,check. Kids,check,check. Next put everything in the wagon and go on your little way.
Okay now that we are ready lets go. First you start walking to the tree and think, that's weird these don't look like peaches. And you realize oh those are apples. So you pick some. You walk across the way and think again not peaches. Oh yes pears. Now would be a good time to pull out your map. You tell dad to look at the map. He says"Map? we don't need a map" So you take some pictures. While he trys to find the way. (with the map of course, while he thinks you aren't looking). While "not" looking at the map you see that you must take a little horse and wagon ride to the peaches so you get on it. And the clouds open up and the sun shines down on the most beautiful row of tree you've ever seen.
Now you run all over the place looking for the best peach, stopping only to sample one or 10. And you pick them and put them in the basket. And repeat.

That my friends is how you get the yummiest peaches ever!!


Amy John said...

So, we have decided to come over to the dark side have we? Well welcome! Where was that that you went and picked peaches at? Fun!

Reina said...

We went to Wilcox. We drove more than we were there but it was tons of fun!

Reina said...
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Amy John said...

Hey, did my friend Kristal email you??

Reina said...

Yes she did