Monday, September 17, 2007

Life is so hard

This is our new pet tiny. We went online and learned all about him. We fed him and gave him water everyday.
Jordan and Kenzie love him so much

Will wanted to let Tiny go but I said that we should keep him. Well he died. And Jordy was so upset. He told Will to get his blessing oil and give him a blessing. We told him that he is with Heavenly Father and he yelled "but he wants to be with me. Give him a blessing." I wish I had his faith. So now our sweet baby boy learned that some times life is hard.


Janalee said...

That is adorable, "Give him a blessing" Can you imagine? So what was Tiny anyway, a catepillar?

Reina said...

Yes he was a catepillar.

Amy John said...

Reina... blog some more!!!