Friday, March 14, 2008

12 down 28 more to go

Today I am 12 weeks pregnant, which means I am 1/3 of the way done! I am now clear of all the yucky things that come with have a seizure disorder but will not know if the babies spine is good for another 6 weeks so we will keep praying.
I am no longer feeling sick and yucky I now have my regular allergies that get super bad only when pregnant. YUCK! So no sleep for me. But soon hopefully those will be over and I will then just be miserable from being pregnant then I will have a sweet baby to kiss all over!!! I can't wait!!


Amy John said...

How exciting. What are your possible baby names??

Janalee said...

so why no sleep for you with the allergies, are you up wheezing? What do you do for it?

I only ask because I suffer greatly from them too, although it eases up when pregnant.

Reina said...

Amy- if it's a girl Lorelai Val and a boy we have no idea.

Jana- I can sleep because I can't really take anything so I feel yucky. It's only bad when I'm pregnant.