Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Totally stressed!!

We are leaving at 4am on Friday for our San Diego/ Mexican Cruise and while I am very excited I am very stressed. Yesterday my dad had a heart attack and so I spent the whole day with him and have not gotten much packing done. I am so worried about him. I am hoping he is out of the hospital by the time we leave so that is one less stress. Really I can't remember the last time I was so stressed. I need some tips on how to stay calm and have a good trip. Anyone?


Becky said...

Since I'm the queen of stress, all I can say is, start taking the vitamin C now so you don't get sick on your trip. Your dad will be in good hands, and I'm sure he wouldn't want you to worry about him while on your romantic vacation!
I want to hear all the details when you get back from your trip (I can live vicariously!)

Anonymous said...

Reina this is Dad I'm fine. And I love you so very much.