Saturday, March 28, 2009

6 months

Robbie is 6 months old today. It went by too fast!!!! His weight is 13ounds 14oz. And he is 24 inches. He is a little guy.

He loves his sippy cup and get excited when he sees it.

Likes rice cereal but sometimes chokes on it.

Eats his feet every chance he gets.

Rolls all over the place.

Smiles when his mommy walks in the room.

Stills thinks Jordan is really funny.

Loves to swing. (but can't at this time Kenzie broke it)

Yells as loud as he can so you will talk to him then laughs.

Can still fit into some 0-3months clothes

Likes to take a bath.

Gets really messy with rice cereal (I think he knows he will then get a bath)

Has one of the BEST smiles.

Thinks books taste good

Thinks frosting is yummy (Thanks dad for giving him some so early)

Is very ticklish.

I just love this little man. He is so fun and brings so much joy to our family. Everyone loves the baby. I don't think a baby has ever been loved so much.

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