Monday, May 10, 2010

1st of many

Do you see that small little cut on that cute little leg? That would be his 1st ever banged up knee. He got it while hiking and didn't even cry. He looked at us and said "OH no" it was super cute. It hurt me more to see blood on my sweet baby than it did him. Now if our little princess got half that much of a cut it would have been tears for days and a box of band aids before we forgot about it.
His sweet little knee got a bigger cut a few weeks later and still no tears. He is ALL boy that's for sure. But he loves to cuddle and every night I get a good 15 min or more of him laying next to me on the couch. And tons of kisses too. I love it!! I sure am going to miss him when I have to be away having his baby brother.
This is what our sweet little man totally passed out from too much fun.

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Carolina said...

Reina, Congratulations on having another boy! That is so exciting. How are you doing? Bob (is that what you call him?) seems so brave yet sweet. The hugs and kisses truly can make a not so good day so much better!