Sunday, April 1, 2012

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

1. My Tata- He was an amazing man. Before he passed away I spend hours at his house telling him about my plans for my life. He would also sit and listen and if he didn't agree he wouldn't let me know. He always married my grandma when she had 3 young kids and took them in as his own. He is missed

2. Stacey- My best friend. She has been through a lot and still is not bitter or mad. In fact her out look on life is positive. I don't think I could be going through all she is and be there for others. But she is. Just last month I showed up in tears and she hugged me and listened. Gave me advice and didn't turn it in to a "poor me" thing. I love her like a sister!!! If I need anything she is there always and I appreciate that! She is the bestest friend EVER!!

3.My aunt and uncle- Chris and Xavier...They love me like I am the daughter they never had. They both got cancer at the same time but still would ask how you were and didn't talk about them. They love life and are always loving and caring about me and my family.

4. My kids- they have changed me so many ways I can't even list them. They demand my time and I love it (mostly). I have learned that the cleaning can wait but playing and cuddling can NOT! They need me and look to me on how to be a grown up one day and I hope I am teaching them right.

5. Sister Shaffer- when I 1st joined the church she took me in as one of hers. She loved me and hasn't stopped (her daughter is our babysitter!) I want to be a mommy just like her!!!!

6. Will- he may drive me nuts with his business but he works hard every single day and has fulfilled one of his dreams. He supports me and love me no matter what. He tries to make me a the best me and I love that!

7.My dad (Frank)- When he married my mom he took me and my brother in as one of his kids. He loved us for us and not because we came with me mom. He is always there for me when I need him! And when I got pregnant with Kenzie when Jordan was only 9 months he was super excited for us. He loves my kids too!

8.My parents- it must has been very hard with us growing up and having to share us. I don't think I could do that but they never let us know how hard it was. They loved us very much and made sure we knew it. When we had to leave to go to the other parents house they made it seem like we were going to have an awesome time with the other (at least that's how I remember it). I love them for making sure the other was always in our lives!!

9. Lori- She believes in me even if I don't. She makes me laugh and smile every time we talk. She is raising 4 kids on her own while her husband is out of town. And she is doing a fantastic job because her kids are awesome!! She is just an awesome friend.Everyone needs a friend like her!

10. Jesus Christ- what a perfect example in every way! He has shown me to love each and every person despite how they treat me. To give to those in need. To comfort those who need comfort. He gave his life for me! For me he freely died. He willing died. I could never thank him enough. There are no words to express that kind of love. So I try to live as he did. It not in anyway easy and daily I fall short but everyday is a new day to try.

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