Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2 years ago...

I was sitting in Relief Society and I was not feeling so good. I had 10 month old Kenzie in my lap and my SIL Kam was by my side. I started to feel hot and dizzy... Next thing I know I am on the floor with a sister telling me I am okay.. Then nothing again till I am in an ambulance and Will is crying. I kept thinking what is going on but everyone said "you are fine." So I would close my eyes and go to sleep. Only to wake up somewhere else. When I got to the hospital I found out I had had a grand mal seizure. I had no idea what that meant and it sounded scary plus everyone around me looked really worried and Will was real sad.
I also wanted to know what happened to Kenzie if she was okay. Her and Jordan were with Kam and Russell and that helped me to relax alittle but I was still kind of stunned by the whole thing.
After leaving the hospital I found out I could not drive for 90 days which totally sucks because Will worked out of town M-F. So the kids and I were stuck at home. I then had to have lots of test done and was told no more babies for at least 5 years. I was devastated!
After a year the baby ban was no longer there and I feel every blessed to be pregnant with Robbie and to be seizure free. I have only had that one. So in Jan we will see if I need to be on pills any more. I still can't believe that it has been 2 years and that it even happened (since I don't remember anything) But I am thankful that it didn't happen when I was alone with the kids and that there with plenty of people to help.

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