Monday, November 10, 2008

Good news?

I have been wanting to get off my seizure meds for a while but was not able to because I was pregnant. Well last week I had an EEG (a test that measures activity in your brain with 31 wires. It took 45 minutes just to hook up the wires.) Today I went to the Dr to get the results of that test and everything is normal, which means.... NO MORE MEDS!!! I am so excited yet a little nervous.
I know it sounds weird but I am worried about what will happen to the baby if I stop, because he has had them all his life. I worry about maybe having another seizure, gaining weight, being cranking, I just worry. But at the same time I have been praying for this and I'm excited. So maybe I should now pray to now all is well....

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Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

keep your hopes up and everything should fall into place