Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a job...

I like to make fun of my dad and tell him that he hardly works because he only works 10 days a month. But really I know he works more hours than most and he has saves lives for a living (he is a fireman, or as the kids use to say "fighter man") But really how hard of a job could it be if you get to play with these cute kids!?! Baby trying on grandpa's hat
The kids by the tire, which is bigger than them.

Jordy in grandpa's gear. See how is it nice and new looking. That is because he doesn't work! Okay just kidding it is new, I guess you have to get new gear every few years. I told him to roll in the dirt so it looks worn. OH maybe the kids should do it. What do you say dad?

David takes his job serious

Jordan working hard.
We had a fun time. Thanks for letting us come!!

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