Tuesday, April 28, 2009

7 months

Rob just learned this little trick of standing by him self today
He loves his tongue.
Starting to crawl
Sits up
Can hold his own bottle. He could from day one of taking it.
Loves food
Chirps at you if he wants something
Waves hi
Hates shoes or socks. He can't get the green ones off that is why they are still on
Gives hugs and kisses (well mostly just sucks your face but it is just as sweet)
Sucks his feet in the car
Loves doggies and yells at them
Thinks it is funny to get his hands washed
Likes to splash in the bath
Likes other babies
Likes to cuddle when sleeping
If he is crying he will pick up his paci and stick it in his mouth
Still takes two naps a day
He is so fun and makes us all laugh. He is such good baby and hardly ever crys unless he wants something of is hurt (mostly Kenzie is to blame:) ) We are very lucky to have baby Robbie in our family.


thereadingmother0708 said...

haha, I saw your comment on my blog... I have been super super sick lately so Charlotte actually stood up last week so she may have beat Robbie. He's definitely got her beat on the binky to mouth thing though,I wish she could do that!
About rentals around here- I am sure you could find a rental by our old house- ours was just trashed by a renter, she did about 10k of damage :( but the neighborhood has really gone down hill and pretty much all the houses are in forclosure. We're closer to Andy and Cindy now, I'm sure there are lots of rentals around here too- I would check craigslist!

Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna) said...

cutie tutie! what a sweet boy you have been blessed with- isn't it the best watching them grow?! it goes so fast...