Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Easter Pictures

I haven't uploaded the pictures from my camera these are from Kam. Enjoy and when I upload mine you can see then:) Our 1st family picture as 5
This is one my my favorites

Miss Kenzie cakes

I love love love this of Robbie. He was looking at me:)


Carolina said...

Great family pictures. You guys are a good looking bunch! All your children are getting so big. I remember you pregnant with Kenzie and maybe even seeing her as a newborn :) I love by "baby" (who by the way is over 10 months now... where has that time gone) but it sure is nice when they grow a little too. I love having a child who is a little older and can take some responsibility and help mom out when needed!

Adam and Samantha said...

um what the heck, Robbie can sit up by himself!?!?! he need to come over and teach little Malia how it's done!!