Monday, May 11, 2009

Miss Kenzie

Just an update on Kenzie. 1st thing she got hit in the face by my brother's watch. He really didn't mean to hit her and this looks worse than it is. But she was mad that is was blue and purple. She wanted it to be PINK. She is her mommy's girl for sure:) Next she only took one week to complete her ISR swim this year. The 1st year is suppose to take 6 weeks (everyday for 10 min) and it took her 8 weeks. Last year it took 3 weeks instead of two. So I am so excited that it only took 1 week. She swims so good and we are now ready for summer (just not the heat!)

She is so full of drama and really sassy but we love her. OH and she loves to sing! I will post a video one day. It is so cute.

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