Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well we are for sure moving. We have to be out of this house by July 15 so Will thinks we will be moving on July 6 (a Monday I know but that is his day off). I am sad about moving but there are things I am excited about. So I will focus on those

1. The temple!! I will get to have date nights (if we find a sitter) at the temple.

2. GG we will get to spend more time with her

3. We get to get to know our family up there better (yes I mean you and you and yes you too)

4.While visiting one of my YW her grandmother told me this will be the best thing for my marriage. I look forward to growing closer to my husband.

5.Will's mom works up there alot so she will get to come over for FHE, dinner, playtime, and really just to give kisses to the kids'

6. My mom has said she will come visit and bring my aunt! I will be on the lookout for fun places to see.

7. Letysha coming with the kids again looking for fun places. OH and I told Will she will have to come alone for a scrapbook weekend!:) (He said YES so go ask Danny)

8.Finding new fun things to do

9.A bigger house

10.My dad coming up and going to Islanders (I think that is the name of it) with him

11.Friends coming to visit. (you all are coming and bringing your kids we'll babysit so you can go to the temple)

These are a few of the thing I look forward to. I am sad to leave but I know it is best for our family. So please try not to make me cry cause I will for no reason. I know you will miss us just don't tell me. It will make it harder. This is a good thing for our family and I am excited, just a little sad too.


pshubble said...

Change is hard but it is good for us sometimes. If I can make it moving to Yuma you can make it too. At least you have a Temple near by.
Good Luck. That is a quick move. Do you already have a new house lined up? What is Will doing there?

McKay and Brandi said...

Are you moving to mesa? If so, let me know when, I think it would be nice to get our kids together sometime!


Reina said...

Brandi we are moving to Mesa and it will be by July 15.

Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) said...

I totally get how it will be good for your marriage. You and Will will have to rely on each other so much more and you will get to make new friends together. We will miss having you so close by, but might just take you up as the Temple babysitters. :)

Oh, and Phx has IKEA which I'm sure you and your kids will LOVE! *Free* babysitting and cheap lunch! and---- Phx has really cool splash parks which are perfect for the kids. And a much bigger zoo. And pro sports. And concerts. And... I'm excited for you.

Letysha said...

Danny has no choice, I will be coming for scrapping weekends and he will like the time to himself with the kids. I am so sad you are leaving, in the short ammount of time we have known eachother you have become my best friend and best work out buddy. For this reason me myself or me with the family will come visit often as long as you promise to come back and visit me too! And we are sticking to the day phone calls where we keep eachother on the phone through the workouts no cheating missy :) Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me and I am really going to miss having you here in Tucson. The only positive besides your positives is that you won't distract me from my school work :)

Love ya!!!

Adam and Samantha said...

You'll make new friends before you know it, but just don't forget about us!! I bet you end up loving it up there Just let us know if you guys need help with anything!!