Saturday, August 22, 2009

My thoughts

Tonight at Stake Conference baby Robbie fell asleep so I got to cuddle him up just like when he was a new baby. I love it! Anyways.... The speaker was telling about giving his daughter's a fathers blessing. There are not many times when I am sad that I didn't grow up in the church but this time I was very sad. I never got a daddy's blessing nor will I ever and I wish so bad that I could have had that experience. But as I held my sweet baby I couldn't help but feel blessed for the Priesthood that Will holds.
He can give our children blessings whenever they need them. He can help guide and direct our family in a way that would lead us back to our Heavenly Father. When our children need comfort he will be there to do that. And I know that a husbands blessing is always waiting for me if I need it.
I am grateful for the church for the love of a Heavenly Father. While my dad (both of them) is not able to give me a fathers blessing I know that I can get on my knees and my Heavenly Father will bless my life and calm my fears. I know he loves me and knows me by name. He knows my wants and fears. He wants nothing but the best for me. He sent Jesus to die for me and all who will live and have lived. I could not imagine the pain Heavenly Father must have felt when Jesus asked him to end it in the garden. He loves us enough to watch as his son died on the cross. I love all my children and couldn't see sending one to suffer so much for another. I would want to do it myself.
I am sure that when I meet Heavenly Father and Jesus I will be in tears because of the love I have for them and hug them tightly and say Thank you. For really there are no other words to express how grateful I am! I am so excited to have an eternal family. Heaven would not be wonderful with out them.
I am glad my babies our mine forever because I don't think we ever have enough time to enjoy them. Robbie is almost 11 months and I just want to hold him and kiss him ALL day. In fact I want to do that with all my kids.
Okay it is late these are a few things I was thinking about and wanted to share.......

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Tara Ciesiolka said...

You have a beautiful testimony. I like how you pointed out the blessings that everyone in the church has.