Saturday, August 15, 2009

This is for you Will.

Now that I know you read this I wanted to let you know and the rest of the world: I LOVE my life!! Really I love my husband and love that he works hard to provide for us. Even if I complain I do love him for being a hard worker. I love that we have the church in our lives to help guide and direct us on how to live. I love that we are a forever family! Kenzie sings to us all the time that "families can be forgether forever." I may at times be totally stressed (and who wouldn't with 3 little kids in a small house) but I love being a mommy and if I couldn't have any more babies my heart would be broken! I want more kids (just want to wait a little) in fact I want a house full of kids and later on grand kids. (if I watch The family stone I really want a bunch of kids) I just wanted Will to know that I love him and thank him for all we have and all his hard work! I know it stinks now but one day it will all pay off. (Just remember to take a day off once in a while because we need you ALL day to our self's)

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