Friday, October 30, 2009

5 for Friday

Thing you need to know this week.1. Spiderman has been found!! He is at the Zoo. Not sure why he is there but he is and we were so excited to see him.
2. Having a fireplace will make your winter seem more wintery and Christmas more Christmasy:)

3. Painting pumpkins it the thing to do! Really was less of a mess.

4. When you see your best friend there is no crying. It is just sad all around. (This is Will's best friend Jared's little guy he is 6 days older than Rob and he was not happy at the Zoo. But the boys will get to spend 4 whole days together in 3 weeks and we are hoping for some fun time!)

5. Read your scriptures everyday! It makes it more fun if you read together. (We found the kids like this one night and it made our hearts melt.)

and last don't forget

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Janalee said...

I liked it - the pictures give it all the more zip too.