Tuesday, August 3, 2010

8 Years!!!

Look at the cute family we made in just 8 years! Soon baby #4 will be in the picture.
We were so young when we 1st started dating 17 and 16. And when we got married 21 and 20 (young but I love it!) I find new things to love about Will every year. It's exciting! The time goes by so fast when you are married to your best friend and it makes life wonderful too! It makes all life's trials since a little easier knowing you have someone to help you make it past each and everyone. That you will never be lonely (in fact that is our song "You will never be Lonely" by Andy Griggs)

Here are 8 things that make me smile when thinking about Will

1. His love for his children! He told me just last night that when Jordan went to pre-school he totally cried (I didn't know that) So he is sure Kindergartner is going to be hard for him to let him go.

2. His passion for whatever he is doing. His business, Church calling or even perfecting his NSYNC dance moves:)

3. His love for his Heavenly Father and Jesus. He makes sure scriptures are read every morning and night along with prayer.

4. His love for Disneyland. I love Disney and when we got married was sad that he never wanted to go. I told him for our 5 year anniversary and now he is hooked! He loves it and would go all the time! (if we were rich) It was so fun to see him riding the kiddie rides and laughing with the kids!

5. His made up words to songs he *thinks* he knows. It's so funny to hear what he thinks the word are

6.He tells me I am beautiful even when I am HUGE pregnant. He tells me I am growing his baby and to him I will always be pretty no matter what I think. He will then kiss me sweetly and let me continue to rant:)

7. That he likes girly movies (even if he protest he ends up liking it)

8. That he loves me not matter what. He has to put up with a lot when I am pregnant and starting my seizure meds and I am thankful that he loves me! He still gives crappy foot rubs but I love his kisses! And if I am upset his arms are always open and ready for me to cry on him!