Sunday, December 26, 2010

1 year and Bob's trip to the ER

A year ago today I was turning over to tell my husband that he was late to pick up my little brother to go paintballing, next thing I know I am in the living room sitting on a chair with my parents, Will's parents, and firemen and paramedics around me. I had had a seizure. Dang it! And I also knew right about that was pregnant, even if the 5 test I took said I wasn't.
I went for another ride in an ambulance and spent most of the day in the ER.
I scarred my poor son who happened to walk in the room right as it happened but he learned all about 911. And as for me I learned a lot too.

1.I am thankful I have only had 2 seizures

2. Even if I wasn't ready then for a new baby I am NOW! Henry is the BEST baby and I love love love having him in our home.

3.Taking pills everyday isn't so bad, cause I am now 7 pounds LESS than when I got pregnant. That makes me a happy girl.

4.My husband is the best man EVER! He loves me so much and does a lot to help me. Like sleep in, cleans the house, let's me go out for a break, hugs me and loves me no matter how rude I sometimes am.

These are a few things I learned this year after my seizure. I also learned that I will be on these pill for a while and will just have to learn to be a good pill taker. I stink at it and almost always forget. But I will learn someday...

Now on to Bob. He pulled a stocking down and the cast iron holder fell right on his head. It bleed a lot and we got it all cleaned up. 30 minutes later we went to Target and before we got about a minute away he was asleep and we couldn't wake him. Will went to nextcare to see what we should do and they called 911. When the paramedics got there they tired to wake him by taking blood, pinching him, yelling in his ear and after non of these worked they used smelling salts. He had to got to the ER (by ambulance) and get a CAT scan. They couldn't find anything, thank goodness. He is fine now but I had a mild heart attack thinking the worst. But never shed a tear (till I walked in the door at home)
I know my Heavenly Father was there helping me to stay calm so that Bob wouldn't get scared. I also know he was there to comfort me and for that I am extremely grateful because I need it.
I am so glad that he knows me and love me. That he looks out for us and helps us in times of need.


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