Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GibStettler weekend

I am pretty sure our favorite thing to do on weekends is going up to see Jared and Morgan. The kids always have a BLAST and Bob gets to see his "Buddy" Easton. I think Bob thinks his name is Buddy cause that is what he calls him and if he sees a picture of him he says "oh Buddy, let's play!" Too cute. So Will had to be at the Temple on Sat, so I thought it would be fun to tag along but stay at Jared and Morgan's while he went. And I was RIGHT!!
1st up Bob and I tagged along for a little gym time! Bob loved jumping off this thing
The boys loved rolling in the tube

I see you Easton Buddy:)

Next the park for some lunch and running. Morgan packed the kids lunch and meet up a little later with the babies. (Henry and Wyatt who is 10 weeks younger than Henry. That is going to be fun!! Easton and Bob are 6 days apart)

Easton needs his "eyes" or sunglasses


After Will got home we loaded up and headed to the Train park. The boys fell asleep. SOOO CUTE!!

Will and I are that good, we put his shoes on the wrong feet. AND YES that is duct tape! We are AWESOME!!

We rode a carousel

And a train! Choo- choo. I love how this is really meant for little kids and Jared and Will could care less. They were going with the boys. (Morgan and I rode it too and during that ride came up with some fun ideas for our lives)

And the day wouldn't be complete without some ice cream shared between two buddies! At 1st Bob only gave him a pinch then he gave HUGE spoonfuls.
We had a wonderful relaxing weekend and can't wait to have more!! Thanks guys!!


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Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

You got such good pictures! I can't wait to double blog about our next weekend!