Friday, February 4, 2011

Grounded at 5 months!

If you put this little ball of sweetness on the floor he will roll over and start to play. He will also start to roll all over the place and in no time at all end up very far from where you put him. He just turned 5 months (yesterday) and I am NOT I repeat NOT ready for 4 mobile kids. Therefore the baby is grounded from tummy time, unless I am laying right next time him kisses his sweet face. Then he can have as much as he (or shall I say I want)

Still can't believe I have 4 kids. 4 KIDS. The even weirder thing was at Christmas when I was counting the kids to make sure we had everyone 4 didn't seem like enough and someone was missing. JUST.NOT.YET I am not ready yet. One day when I am not grounding my 5 year old for eating 3/4 the pan of brownies, my 2 year old for hitting me and my 5 month old for rolling all over the place all within minutes of each other.

Today was LONG very L O N G!!!!! All four kids were home all day Jordan didn't go to school because he got punched in the face by this naughty kid who hit someone daily for no reason. So I didn't want to send him today. I wanted to love on him instead. (plus a TON of other schools were closed due to weather, Weird! That never happens here!) Kenzie was acting up all day (must be the weather) and Bob didn't sleep last night so he was tired and he had tummy problems so he was on the cranky side.

On the up side I am going to sleep in and scrapbook and sew tomorrow. (Will just doesn't know yet:) )

I love my kids even if they make me run away for a few hours now and again. (I even miss them while I am running away)


Luann said...

I wish I'd thought to ban Jared from tummy time when he started rolling around at 4.5 months. He was so happy on the floor, it was hard to resist putting him down. Now he's crawling all over the place and only 6 months old. Maybe it's a 4th child thing.

Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

I so know what you mean about not wanting your child to be mobile, Mackenzie is only 6 months and is crawling already grr, she's going to be an early walker i think too.

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Reina, you are adorable! Taking Jordan out of school to love on him- such a good mom! Super cute Henry-in-a-Hat pictures too!