Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st day of school

Jordan started 1st grade yesterday and Kenzie kinder. Jordan was up and dressed by 6:45am:) Kenzie was very sassy which means she wasn't sure about the day. Mom was a huge mess and cried a lot! I like my kids and like having them home! (I like them so much in fact we are still not sure if for our 10 year next year we are going alone or taking them. That's a different story)

Kenzie's teacher said there was just a little bit of sass from here and she found a friend to be sassy with (GREAT, we'll just have to work on that......) Henry slept from 9 till 1 and Bob from 1 till we picked them up so it was a fun easy and hard sad day! All ready to go
Here she is!

Me and my kids!

Walking to school

Bye bye my sweet baby girl....you're off to do great things! Everyone deserves a chance to fly! Now here is yours, just don't forget I love you and will always be here when you need me!


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