Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st hair cut

On Aug 15 2011 Henry got his 1st hair cut. I really don't think he needed it...Okay he NEEDED it but I wasn't ready for him to have one. It seems like such a grown up thing getting your hair cut and I wasn't ready to have my baby grow up! And let's be honest I liked his wild crazy fluffy hair! I loved that I could tell what kind of a night he had by how it looked in the morning. I loved the way he would pull it when he was mad. I loved to make funny hair styles in the bath. I loved having a kid with hair! But it's hot and it needed to get done. So we did it and it just got trimed. Here he is before...Hair in his face and it's wild and crazy just how I liked it!

See that sad face.....even he wasn't happy about it getting cut!

Look how long it was. If he was a girl I could have some cute ponies on him! I love the look on his face

He looks so different. And his hair is lighter too

My big baby! It does look cute.


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Jenn and Kylann said...

Thanks for finally posting the pics! ;o) He looks adorable!