Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy birthday Henry!!!

One year ago our family grew by one sweet little man and my heart grew too! He is so sweet and so fun. He gives the BEST kisses and always has a smile for you. This year has gone by so fast I can't believe my baby is one. I really want to slow down time (or even stop it)! Here is my sweet baby fresh from heaven! (and don't judge the crappy way I look I had this baby in less then 3 hours with NO drugs. He was faced the wrong way and wasn't breathing. So it was hard and I was tired and worried. And at this point he is about 1.5 old or more and I FINALLY got to hold him! So NO judging okay?)

2 week old

2 weeks! I love his little mouth!

And here is my big boy on his birthday (with BOB and me) He is getting so big.

Not sure of weight and all that I will post after Dr. appt.

-He claps


-stands up on everything

-eats everything we give him

-When you say "kiss n face" he plants a BIG wet one on you! (I LOVE IT!)

-Says "Hi dad" "dada" "mama" and lots of other things I don't understand but he does cause his hands are going and eyebrows go up and down

-laughs all the time

-has two teeth

-got rid of the bottle!! (so excited about that!)

-thinks puppies are fun and laughs at them (till they hump him then he gets mad!)

-has the best sad face ever

-Loves to try and rip your face off! (really he loves faces)

And he loves cake!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this little man! I am so lucky to be his mommy and can't wait till he says Mommy! He is just the cutest sweet thing. I love to kiss and cuddle and love this baby. So thankful to have him in our family!


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