Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Because Heather told me too:)

35 Random things about me!
1.I can not spell
2. I love the show lost
3.I love to bake
4.I like pedicures and wish I could get one every month
5. Pink is my favorite color
6. I love history it was my favorite subject in school
7.I'm a talker in fact once on a trip my dad told me to quick talking because I was bugging him (something like that) for a while and it almost hurt to do so
8. I used to be so scarred of dying that I would try not to sleep. (see #9 as to why I am not any more)
9. When I was 18 I became Mormon!
10. I do not watch rated R movies
11. I am pregnant with baby #3
12. And it's a BOY
13. I have to have sunglasses on if I am outside
14. I love girly movies that make me cry
15.I have got to have chap stick with me at all times!
16.I tore my ACL when I was 18 while cheer leading so....
17.I have a nice scar on my knee from knee surgery
18. 6 weeks after surgery I went to Disneyland with my family and they made me walk the WHOLE time! ( didn't they know we could have gotten it the front of the line with a wheelchair)
19.The 1st time I was on a plane was in 9th grade I went to Canada
20.I hated I mean hated chocolate before I had kids
21. I love seaworld!
22. I am naming my next daughter Lorelai and I don't care that almost all of Will's family hates it!
23. I love the show Gilmore Girls
24. OH my madden name is Gilmore
25. I have gained 7 pounds this pregnancy (I am 21 weeks) I am so happy because I gained a lot with the other two
26. I really like when fruit salad is mosty watermelon (Sorry Heather but I do)
27. I can't wait to smell Robbie's hot breathe in my face (I get all giggly thinking about it and tear up)
28.My mother's day this year started the night before when Kenzie peed the bed so I changed her and put her in bed with me (cause Will was gone) and cuddled and we fell asleep together. It was pure heaven!
29.I got a new sewing machine and can't wait to make headbands! (who wants one?)
30. I married my high school sweetie
31. I can watch a movie over and over again
32. One of my favorite movies are old movies with Judy Garland (I love her)
33. I mint flavored stuff
34. I was on the tennis team in high school and did cheer leading
35. I am a national dance champion


Heather, David & Jenna said...

you didn't tag anyone! make sam do it... :)

Anonymous said...

Reina I paid you $5.00 to not talk for 5 min. It all most kill you.


Mom & Dad said...

I'm glad you didn't tag me!! :) MOM