Sunday, August 10, 2008

CRAZY, that is how I feel

I know I am almost done (49 more days today) when I can no longer paint my toes! I am getting really nervous that we have nothing but my SIL is going to give my a baby shower so that should help. I keep telling Will that we need to get some clothes or diapers and he says "oh we have plenty of time" but I freak out and think but what if this baby wants to come now!!!!! I think I am going CRAZY. Poor little Kenzie wants to sit on my lap and gets mad that my lap no longer will hold her. So I have to lay down to cuddle with her. She tells me to let Robbie out so she can cuddle and have her mommy. Sweet baby princess she is going to have to learn to share me.
My sweet Husband has done all the cleaning because I just don't want to and don't feel like Oh and I have had a cold! A COLD in the summer while pregnant NOT FUN!!!!! I love him!!!!!
So that is my update for this week and why I have been MIA.

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The Morgan Family said...

I hated when I couldn't paint my toes anymore. Felt so helpless. I have a brand-new Sunday outfit he can wear for a while. Bought it on major clearance when pregnant with Emma figuring we would have a boy someday--Ha Ha. So it is still on its original store hanger and still has the price tag on it!