Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One month

One month ago I had two babies now I have three! Can you believe sweet baby Robbie is already a month? I can't it went by really fast. He has been so much fun. I love when the older kids go to bed because he is wide awake and wants to cuddle and I cuddle him and kiss him!! I love when he looks up at him as if to tell me he loves me. He really is a gift from Heavenly Father (all my kids are). He is just so cute! I love him. We all love him. Enjoy a few pictures My babies
Kenzie and Robbie

He looks really big hereMy little man.


Janalee said...

love that bald head, I've never had a baldie. I'm glad you're so enchanted with him

Adam and Samantha said...

Um he looks huge, what the are feeding him? I can't believe he is already a month old! Time flies when your having fun!!