Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin pickin

This year we wouldn't have time to go to the pumpkin patch so we went to the pumpkin stand. These people decorated it real cute and it's a lot of fun for the kids (not as fun but they are little so it's okay) I of course wanted to take pictures of them with the BIG pumpkins and they just wanted to run around and find a pumpkin. The rule was you had to be able to carry it. So these are what they got. And some of the pictures. (I took 21 pictures, which I think is a lot for a little stand and only 10 or so min) Next year we are going to the patch! And we are taking LOTS of cute pictures!! Here they all are with their pumpkins.
Aren't they cute!?!!

Robbie with the BIG pumpkins.

Kenzie and her pumpkin, only I'm not sure it's really a pumpkin but it's totally her.

Jordan and his pumpkin.

But the spooky truck

All my kids

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Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna) said...

Fun Fun! Dave suggested a pumpkin stand- but I shot him down. Cute shots and great pumpkins are what its all about anyways :)