Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We went to Goodyear for the weekend to help Will's buddy move and while we were there we stayed at the Wigwam Resort and Swam A LOT! I also took pictures of the kids (since it had been over a year) He didn't want his taken and had just gotten hit in the eye with a pillow so this was as good as it got.
My sassy girl had a ton of cute ones but I think this one is totally her! I LOVE IT!!

Right when he saw the camera he said "Mommee" and gave me this cute smile. And this would also be the last time we saw this piggy:( we got lock out of the room and while I was busy taking pictures with the other kids Will was busy trying to get back in. And he totally forgot about the toy. We realized it when on the way home he started making piggy noises and saying "where it go" It was so sad. We are going to have to get another.


Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) said...

My sister works at the Wigwam! It's really like 10 min from my parents house. Glad you had a good time :) Cute pics

Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

You were not far from me either, I live across the street from goodyear :)