Thursday, March 3, 2011

6 months

Today the baby turns 6 months. Time as really gone too fast! He is growing up too fast and I need to find some way to slow time! I love him so much he is just so fun. He smiles all the time and rolls all over the place. He will roll from one side of the room to the other.
He also LOVES his big brother Bob they play and laugh at each other. Bob will laugh then Henry I love it! He still has crazy monkey hair and it's still dark. His eyes are blue or green depending on what he is wearing. He also loves to play with his feet and sticks he tongue out.
Here are just a few pictures for you! Me finally getting to hold him (about 40 minutes after he was born and kissing him for the 1st time) I got super sick right after this and had to wait about an hour or so to hold him again. Looking at this picture made me cry and relive that whole day all over again. It was very scary and not to mention painful without drugs but I would do it over and over again to have this sweet boy in my family!
My purple baby. This too makes my heart hurt to think he wasn't getting any air. But it reminds of Heavenly Fathers love for us as well. I felt his love for me that day!
Love his smile!!
I love that he puts his feet up to relax with taking a bath
My big 6 month old!! I like his expression here!

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