Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In my free time...

Thanks to FB (that would be facebook for all you non-facebookers) I connected with a friend I hadn't talked to in years. It was nice to reconnect. We meet 15 years ago and lost touch some how. Anyways I was asked what I do in my free time. And I laughed thinking I don't have much with 4 kids running around but I answered "scrapbook, take pictures and plan vacations." But now thanks to Bob you can add have mild heart attacks, got to ER or urgent care, clean blood (LOTS of blood) and clam older brother down who thinks Bob is going to go into a coma (not sure why he thinks that)

So Bob did it again he cut his head open remember this. That was only 3 months ago I wasn't ready to do that again. He stayed awake this time and thought the blood was funny. He would look in the mirror in say "oh red lots of red blood"
He tripped over Jordan's leg and hit the couch. It bleed a lot and took him in to nextcare. They super glued it and sent us home. I hope I don't have to do this again but if I do I hope he gives me a little more time to breath like maybe a year or more....
Before we went in. I kind of cleaned it up
The cut cleaned and super glued
With the band aid.
This boy of mine is CRAZY!! I can't believe that the couch did that and not the million other things he climbs and jumbs off of.



TrishAnderson said...

Oh, that stinks - especially since Will is not there, right? I am so sorry. It always happens when the hubbies are gone. Glad it turned out ok!!!!

pearlynmarie said...

Crazy boy! He's soo cute though. Even with a HUGE gash on his forhead. :/ Love him! And the rest. :)