Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One year older...

My sweet little boy turned 7 yesterday. I can't believe have fast it really has gone by. I hear it all the time but it really does go by fast. In fact I told Will to leave Jordan alone cause he is only 5. He corrected me and told me he was 7. I almost started to cry. He is my baby!!!! And I want him to be my baby forever. I can remember finding out that I was going to be a mommy and being so excited I was to tell the world. I remember bringing him home and feeling at a total loss at what to do. I had watched other peoples babies and cared for them but this was MY baby and a whole new ball game. In fact I held him all the time. Afraid that if I let go something bad might happen. I would sit in the chair to feed him and then let him nap on me and I would nap in the chair I hardly ever put him down. Will's mom came to help and I cried when she took him from my arms and told me to take a nap. I took his baby blanket with me and cried myself to sleep. (I love this kid!!!) Will and I wanted him to have everything he needed so for a good month we slept in the living room just in case he need the swing or bouncer or whatever in the middle of the night. We were crazy for that baby!! We still are. He is amazing.
I wish I could hold him all day still and keep him safe from the world (his brothers and sister too) but I can not. I must teach him and prayer with and for him that he will make right chooses and grow up to be just like his Daddy! Here are some pictures to enjoy! Me and my 7 year old One of my favorites of them. Jordan is 2 and Kenzie is 7 months My favorite picture of me and Jordan. He is 9 months He reminded me of Bob in this picture. He is about Bob's age here. In fact Bob wore that shirt yesterday LOVE his sweet face. This reminds me that he loves to help and is willing to help others.

I am so glad I am his mommy and only hope I can give him all he needs to return to our Heavenly Father. I want him to be able to say I know this cause my Mother taught me. To be able to know right from wrong cause I taught him. And when face with a choice to choose the right because I will pop in his head and he wouldn't wanted to disappoint me. I love him more then words can say. I love you doesn't even begin to say it. He has part of my heart a part that will always be his no matter what! When his sister came 19 months later I didn't know that I could love a baby as much as I do him but I do! All the kids have a part of my heart and it grows every time a new baby comes and my ability to love expanses it's amazing! Photobucket

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