Thursday, October 27, 2011


Stacey (my best friend) and I took a break and went to Chicago for a week (well almost a week). We had a fun time! I will have to post in stages to get it all in. So this is day one!!!She is super happy to be getting out of town!! We left super early and arrived at 11am. And we were HUNGRY! So Aunt Jan (that's Stacey's aunt but she has been mine since I 1st went up there 12 years ago!) took us to a super yummy burger place called Village something arather. Then we got to her house and dropped our stuff off and headed into town.

We went to a store kind of like trader joes only it was HUGE and cheap. We got dinner there. Then we went to Tom's Farm Market. We got some Pumpkin donuts that were to die for! OH my goodness. I LOVE pumpkin stuff.
They had these blue pumpkin that were more of an off whiteish color. But it was fun. This is Stacey showing the "blue pumpkin"

This is us being!

Stacey was helping her self to this pumpkin baby!

Our cute little happy family! (don't you love the tree)

Next up is our shopping and brat trip. That's right I ate a brat and Will was so mad he wasn't there to see it.......


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