Sunday, October 28, 2007

Best Friends

Jordy's best friend Nathan spent the night last weekend with his sister and we had so much fun. The boys thought it was so cool that they got to play together ALL day and sleep on the fun bed we made. They were so cute talking to each other before bed. Will and I stayed outside the room just listening to all the funny things they were telling each other. Jordy needs a little brother! I should work and getting him one soon. And after holding Jana's little one(Thank you Jana) I really want another. I have not told Will yet because he it totally ready and he would be all over that idea. Okay this is about the boys not me and babies... Aren't they cute.. And us girls painted our toes (I'll post next so that will be 1st funny how that works)


Janalee said...

Hey, just like Me, other Reina, And Heather used to spy on Will outside his door when he was little cause he said the cutest things in there.

Amy John said...

THat is too cute!