Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not Mandy Moore

Since the FABULOUS Jana was coming to take family pictures I deiced to get my hair cut. I took in this picture of Mandy Moore and told her I wanted it to look just like it. I knew it would not be as long mine was 2 inches shorter but that was okay. I wanted it to somewhat look like that. Well it looks nothing like this!!! And she cut it way too short!!!!!! I am so sad that I know have to wait another 1 and a half or more for it to grow to where it was. This always seems to happen when I bring a picture when I just tell them what I what it works out. I show them and it doesn't. I don't get it. William thinks it's hot so I guess it's okay.


Amy John said...

I think you look like that Racheal Leigh Cook girl. Do you know who I am talking about? Well I love your hair! It looks good. Who did it? Next time, bring the kids up here, I will watch them for you, and go to Cassie. She is really good and always makes my hair turn out how I wanted it.

Reina said...

I must really look like her because I get that alot. I may have to have Cassie do my hair next time.