Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tooth pain

Well that was horrible! It took one hour to get one wisdom tooth out and I was awake the whole time. The pain was so pain I was shaking but I prayed the whole time which I think helped. He had to saw some bome to get the tooth out so there are stitches. And now I am in a LOT of pain! He also cut alittle of the of my mouth so that hurts. I had no idea this would be so bad but it will get better and I have a great husband who is taking care of me and setting up to have babysitters of the kids and I when he can't be here. So that is how it went


Janalee said...

You shouldn't have had ANY pain while they were doing it. What the heck.

Amy John said...

You were awake? How much did that suck! Seriously! THat is torture. Do you think that you will still be able to take Kenzie to the Zoo tomorrow?