Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve

Okay so 1st the pictures are not in order but really who cares. We had a fun day a BUSY one too. We started the day at my moms with breakfast and came home for a little bit and tried to get naps.We then went to Will's moms and finished the maddest to our day. Here are the pictures. (Because I know that is the only reason you come on my blog anyways) Kenzie as an Angel for our play. Daddy got her dressed which is why she have her other dress on under this one.
Great Nana got Jordan the Cars Movie.
Uncle Richie and his new shirt. ON a side note if you want to enjoy your breakfast without the overwhelming smell of ketchup don't sit by him. I made that mistake and ketchup does not go on what we had.Funny story Mario went with his grandpa (he's Italian) and when he came home he came back with sausage. They are always trying to feed you Kenzie with her new stroller
All the Grand kids. I love that this is not perfect and is kind of crazy. I thought of Photoshoping it to make it perfect but I'm not going to this IS perfect.
Jordan, Papa and Rawson during the talent show.(I'll post video later) That was fun.
Mom and Dad Gibson singing for us
My brother gave us 150 pounds of fruit cake. Really He is a big fruit cake him self! Ha ha ha (I love you Mario)


Amy John said...

150 pounds?Are you serious????????

Reina said...

It was a little fake gift card thing. It looked real.